Get Your PlayStation Ready for the Next All-Nighter


Sure, when some students say ‘all-nighter’ they mean long nights spent in the library cramming for an important midterm or staying up late to finish an upcoming essay. That’s technically what you’re supposed to be doing as a student. But you know as well as anybody that your downtime is just as important as those hours you spend in the library. It’s the only way to stay sane underneath your mounting pile of readings, assignments, and exams. So when you say ‘all-nighter’ it might just refer to your late-night gaming sessions with your PS4.

All of that time in front of your console can leave you a little uninspired. Day in and day out, you see the same black box collecting dust and the occasional scrape from an intense campaign. The controller in your hands fits the same but it doesn’t look like it did straight out of its packaging. It’s collected its own set of scrapes and a layer of grime that may or may not have grown sentient life. It’s time that your PS4 gets an upgrade. The only problem is you’re on a student’s budget — which means you can’t spend tons of money getting an expensive limited edition controller or console.

Luckily, that’s not the only option when it comes to stylizing your system. There are plenty of affordable ways to customize the look of your PS4 — even if you live on a Ramen noodle diet. PS4 skins are inexpensive yet fashionable addition to your game system. Skin manufacturers, such as dbrand, understand what it’s like to live on a student’s budget, which is why they’ve balanced style with affordability. You can check out the PS4 controller skins at to see if it fits your frugal ways. For less than $50, you can kit out your entire system in a personalized decal, or you can spend less than $5 and focus solely on your controller.

You can customize your gaming system according to your finances, with however many pieces you can afford. Choose from true colors like purple, green, and yellow; natural finishes like stone and wood; and textures like leather, colored carbon fiber, and metal. Whether it’s just for your controller or your entire PlayStation — whatever you choose — it will cover up old damages. It will also transform your console into the most distinctive system on campus. And with something like a bright orange carbon fiber decal wrapped around your PS4, it’ll be hard to find it boring — no matter how many all-nighters you pull this semester.

PS4 decals are a fashionable addition to your gaming experience, but you’ll quickly find they turn into an MVP. Manufacturers like dbrand use a thin yet durable vinyl in all of their designs. This grime-resistant material keeps dirt and gunk from collecting in the buttons and toggles of your controllers, and it saves the fragile chassis of the console from scrapes, scratches, and scuffs. But don’t worry — the vinyl has been processed so that it barely adds any bulk to the system, so you won’t be interfering with your gaming when your protect and personalize it.

So you may be spending more time playing your PlayStation than studying — so what? You’re definitely earning top marks online when you challenge other gamers to a fight. Now you can make sure you do it in style by adding a protective and personalized skin to your system.