Guide to Starting a “Fulfillment by Amazon” Business


Fulfillment By Amazon sounds like a complex logistics strategy set up by the e-commerce giant. In some ways, it is. What it also happens to be is one of the fastest-growing, most powerful tools for building a successful business selling product online. No matter if you have a product in mind or not, you may be able to quickly build a profitable business using the FBA business model to do so. 

To know if it is right for you, take a closer look at what it is and how you can start the process. To be fair, there’s much that goes into this business model and a more in-depth learning process is necessary. If you’re on the edge of finding out if this is right for you, though, read on. If you’re sold and ready to get started, turn to an Amazon Seller Consultant to get the process underway. 

So What Is Amazon FBA In the First Place?

You know about Amazon – It’s a company that had 95 million Amazon Prime account memberships at the end of 2018, according to It’s the company that’s generating growth at a faster rate than anything before. Amazon knows that in order to continue to grow, it needs to help businesses trying to sell online to use its platform.

To do that, it created Fulfillment by Amazon. The short version of what FBA is is this – You create a page on the site, ship your products to Amazon, and Amazon handles all of the other aspects of getting your product into your customers’ hands. It even handles returns for you.

Amazon’s business model for FBA is working. According to some reports, the company generated $232.9 billion in revenue in 2018. And, about half of all of that comes from third-party sellers using it sites. What we also know is that 66 percent of the company’s top 10,000 sellers are using FBA. Amazon continues to add thousands of sellers to its site each year, many of which are using the FBA business model.

Okay, That’s the Info – How Can You Get on the Site?

You’re ready to jump in and take advantage of the company’s logistics, customer service, and incredible ranking on the web. How do you do that? Our Amazon Seller Consultants have broken it down step by step.

#1: Create an Amazon Seller Account

You need to have an Amazon seller account to use FBA. You’ll find a link to set it up at the very bottom of any Amazon page in the footer. Just click on the link that says, “Make Money with Us.” Follow the instructions there. In the long term, you’ll benefit from having a “Professional” account. Your first month is free and then you’ll pay a nominal monthly fee.

#2: Create Your Private Label

Remember when we said you didn’t have to have products yet? That’s the next step in the process. There are various ways you can use the Amazon FBA model, but going with private label products is by far the most lucrative model. In other words, you’ll want to establish your own brand or label on Amazon and sell products with that label on the site.

Do some product research to ensure you are investing in the right type of product. You want something that is:

  • Allowed on the site
  • Popular enough to have enough interest
  • Something that has room for growth after conducting a competitive analysis

You also want to choose a product that may not be performing well on the site right now, such as due to poor reviews, and then to improve it. You don’t want direct competition, but a better product.

#3: Consider Retail Arbitrage in the Meantime

Choosing the right product for your Amazon listing is a bit more difficult and can take time if you complete enough research. In the meantime, you may want to try out the process of using retail arbitrage. This is the process of taking a product you find inexpensively, often a brand name product, and then turning it around to resell it on Amazon at an increased price.

This is a faster way into the e-commerce world, but it can be hard to maintain over the long term. It is easier, but not necessarily the best long-term game. Still, for those who just want to try things out, this is a good place to be.

#4: Build Your Amazon Pages

There is a great deal that goes into creating a truly successful Amazon product listing pages. Like any product page, you need to follow the rules Amazon sets, but you also have to entice the buyer into making an investment.

Along with this, you’ll need to work on ranking. There is a component of using keywords, but this is not the same process as ranking in Google. This is another reason to use an Amazon seller consultant to do the work for you. Hands down, this makes a huge difference in how well your pages perform right out of the gate.

#5: Work the Process

There’s a good deal of tweaking and working to build your private label pages on Amazon. Over time, you will want to increase your product offerings. You also will need to work to improve your Best Sellers Rank. This can help to ensure that would-be customers see that it is worthwhile to work with you. It’s important to create a brand website so that people can learn about your company, too, especially as you grow on the site. It does mean you will have another way to sell products, but it also increases your credibility.

Ready to Grow?

If you’re ready to build a business on Amazon, work with our team of Amazon Marketing Experts to streamline the process and get your products on the site faster. Want to know more information about Amazon FBA or want to get started yourself? Check out our in-depth Amazon FBA Business Guide for a how-to look on selling, fees, and more.