How important is Design in Web Designing?


In today’s era, online presence has become necessary for an organization to expand its reach and survive the market’s prevailing competition. The advancement of technology has helped the organization reach the masses and the convenience of what the internet offers. The idea of establishing an online presence is not fulfilled only by creating a website that users or consumers can access; various other factors have to throw light upon while using the website to its fullest potential. Web Design is an essential factor that helps an organization establish its online presence and strengthen the image. There are various reasons why design plays a vital role in Web Designing.

What goes into the mind of a person when he/ she creates a design for the website?

It is imperative to find what characteristics a web designer has in his/ her mind while creating a design.

1.      A good design creates a sense of belongingness in the customers and highlights how the organization has put their effort into the customers’ satisfaction; thus, it is imperative to show all your skills.

2.      Second, a new and welcoming site with a unique design would engage more customers than a dull and outdated website. A good web design is like the receptionist of an organization that should be friendly, welcoming, and encouraging. Thus, it gives the users a sense of satisfaction that the organization offers to serve their customers.

3.    Now, most of the users from this impression; are based on visual design only. It is also a fact that beautiful things are more likely to create an impactful first impression on the customer. Thus, they make designs that are friendly to the customers.

4.      Further, the fact that a user makes an impression based on the design in a few milliseconds makes it more critical for an organization to have a good and beautiful web design.

5.      Finally, an inadequate and outdated design affects an organization’s credibility. Still, it tends to drive away from the consumers to different organizations without even looking or testing your product or service.

These factors should forever be kept in mind by the person before she/ he creates the design for their website.

How to create a good design?

A website design not only helps in leaving a good first impression and a sense of customer service, but it also helps in building trust amongst its users. An updated, well-designed website plays a vital role in expanding any business by attracting new customers. Thus, giving broad reach to the company; however, such new customers or audiences can only help an organization or get involved with it if they trust it. Now, you need to keep things in mind while you create a design, and they are-

a.      A good and unique idea

If a website consists of poor design, has outdated content, there are high chances the user might not trust the organization and will judge and even reject such an organization in the first place without any further deliberations.  It creates trust amongst the users, and web design plays an essential role in helping the user trust the organization and get involved.

b.      Search Engine Optimization    

A website needs to be user-friendly, but it has to make its way to the top of the results page of any search engine’s list. The competition is way too large when it comes to ranking on the results page, and factors like goods web design play a crucial role in increasing the ranking of such search engine results lists. If the website takes more time-top or causes any inconvenience to the users because of its complex coding, it might affect the SEO rankings.

c.       Create designs that increase engagement

A good website design focuses on creating an excellent first impression and ensures the user’s engagement on the website for a longer duration. It helps the audience to stay more on the website. They also get a chance to explore the same and increase the user’s chances of engagement with the organization.

d.      Easy to Navigate

One of the fundamental aspects of ensuring more user engagement is that good design makes things easier for the user to navigate. This design aspect finds its origin by the Hick’s Law which essentially states that the more the choices, the longer it takes for one to decide.  A good web design ensures that it is easier for the users to navigate things on a website and is not confused by too many options.

e.       Color and theme play a crucial role.

Even choosing the right color combination for the website is quite essential. It is a fact that colors affect human behavior, commonly known as Color Psychology. Like blue color represents trust, loyalty, order, significant firms like Facebook, Twitter, Paypal use blue to create a sense of trust, loyalty, transparency. Green finds its use to denote something very close to nature or environmental products; black represents luxury and value. Thus color plays an equally important role in website designing and helps make the website more customer-friendly, user-attractive, and specifically customized, keeping in mind the nature of the website or company.

What is the importance of a good “design” in website designing?

A good web design ensures to limit the possibilities as much as possible and make it easier for the users to navigate the required thing. However, if this often does not find its place, too many options on the website will confuse the user. It will also consume more of their time, and in such a situation, the user might not revisit the website.

·         Thus, while designing a website, a good web design will focus on keeping it more uncomplicated for the users and ensure to make it more users friendly.

·          People are more likely to remember visuals than recognizing the text about the organization or their product/service on the website. A good web design makes it easier for the audience to understand the organization or the targeted message which it conveys.

·         A good web design effectively uses visual effects, focuses on color contrast, and effectively utilizes space, thus, ensures that a balanced approach should be the need of the hour to make the website user-friendly and not make it irritating for the users.

·         A good web design ensures consistency through the website, which acts as a sign of professionalism; simply putting if the website has a different text pattern or layout on various pages of the website highlights the website’s inconsistency and thus acts as a sign of unprofessionalism.

·         The colors, themes, and consistency are three major key points that create a good web design and ensure consistency amongst all the website pages. It also enhances the brand value and is more likely to increase people’s trust.


In this highly competitive era, it has become necessary for any establishment to have an excellent online presence and thus have accessibility to a broad audience. A good web design plays a vital role in ensuring this online presence and increasing trust amongst the users, ultimately helping an organization grow. Thus, a method that provides easy navigation has consistency throughout, focuses on Search Engine Optimization, takes a balanced approach while dealing with usual effects that will enhance users’ trust and enhance an organization’s brand value. Thus, designing a website plays a vital role and should be given great importance to achieve all this.