How To Become A Video Game 2D Artist


If drawing is your element and gaming is your passion, then there is nothing better for you than getting into the gaming industry. It is possible to get into the field of IT for artists, but it is difficult. If an artist is employed in the gaming industry, it is considered a great success. Game artists earn as much as tech professionals. It is clear why this issue is so urgent today. So how do you become an artist in the game development company, where to start and where to go?

Make not just good, but great portfolio

So how to become a game artist? Structure your portfolio and make your specialization obvious. To avoid putting your portfolio on hold, we recommend that you post your best work first. If your goal is to draw characters, then include only characters in your portfolio. If you like to draw weapons and equipment, then, accordingly, your portfolio should include only weapons and equipment. Don’t include everything in your portfolio, if you have four or five great finished pieces, include them. Sort works from best to worst (of the best). Leave your contact details in a prominent place. So that you can be contacted without difficulty, insert as many contacts as possible: phone, website, links to social networks, mail, skype, and so on.

Choose where you will work

Decide where you will work now. Choose a specific company, find out in what directions they work, study their values ​​and goals. Build on the information received. Look for a company that is as close in spirit as possible, because choosing a style that does not inspire you, in the future you will only dislike it even more, as well as your work.

Decide on the style

Study the projects of the company and in what style they are created with 2d art services by Whimsy. Play their games, explore concept art. This will help you know the specific style in which you will need to create your portfolio. Work in a targeted style. For example, if you want to paint in Minecraft style, don’t work on AAA horror. If you want to draw concepts, don’t texturize. Moving in the other direction is just a waste of time. Get as much experience as possible in the direction in which you are going to develop.

In addition, your value in the market as a specialist in a particular issue will increase significantly. Companies are looking for ready-made specialists and it will be more profitable for them to hire you than to teach a newbie. Therefore, your chances of getting a job on your portfolio will increase. Be versatile in your field.

Focus on the best

To learn how to become a videogame artist this point should be taken into consideration. Constantly study the work of other artists, visit CG resources. Set a bar for yourself to strive for. But, most importantly, do not copy the style of other artists. Be patient, over time you will develop your own style. Compare your level with the level of famous professionals and you will start to notice the progress.

Choose the right tools

Having studied Photoshop, ZBrush, 3DsMax, do not forget about the existence of many programs that can facilitate your specific tasks. Programs such as Mudbox, Quixel DDo, and Substance Painter are helpful, as are the Crazy Bump and xNormal utilities. For example, Softimage XSI is great for modeling weapons and vehicles. Look for programs that are right for you. This will greatly help you in your work and increase your professionalism.

Consult with experts

If you are good at drawing, but they don’t take you anywhere, do not hesitate to ask a specialist for advice. Don’t be afraid to ask employers the reason for refusal. Consult with those already in the gaming industry. They will point out your mistakes and shortcomings to you. This will help you in the future. Be active, participate in competitions and complete tasks. It will be impossible not to notice you, and it is also a big plus for experience and useful acquaintances.

If there is a desire, everything is possible

If you really want to get into the gaming industry and draw CG, then start working on it right now! Getting to work as an artist for a game company is not easy, but it is possible. Not sure where to start? Start with the tips above and the results will make themselves felt!