How To Become a Good Gamer


Are you sick of losing games from your friends? or your strategies for winning online games are no more working?or you always kicked out of the street in street fighting game?Then don’t worry these failures will be no more after reading our complete guide.

As playing games is usually a test of skills and if your skills are at its peak and still you are losing games.Then only skills can do nothing, you also need some accessories which can make you a perfect gamer. The success of a gamer depends upon the equipment that he or she is using to play the game.

So for the ease of gamers, we have listed some of the basic gaming gadgets and tips to choose the best one in our guide.

Gaming Cards

Usually, gamers don’t know which gaming card will suit their PC best. Most of the users don’t know the exact features of gaming card which should be on every card.So to help them choosing the best video card we have enlisted some of the most important features.


Eyefinity is a new feature of gaming cards which was introduced by AMD. This feature enables multi-monitor gaming and gives a new experience. But usually gamers have only one monitor so it is not necessary to have this feature but if you really want a change in your gaming style then try this feature.

Adaptive V-sync

Adaptive V-sync eliminates the tearing and stuttering of the frame while playing games.It will automatically enable and disable at a high and low-frequency rate to remove the distractions that can occur while playing games.

Temporal Anti-aliasing

Sometimes while playing games you may have notice temporal aliasing while jumping or crawling towards high buildings. This is an effect which produces due to low transformation speed as compared to moving object. So, if your graphic card has TXAA feature then your game will behave smoothly.

Gaming Mouse Pads

A mouse pad is a perfect accessory for your gaming needs. A mouse pad is a surface that supports and guides the movement of a mouse during use. Due to their size, gaming mousepads are much more useful for people who use their computers for gaming purposes. Large gaming mouse pads offer a large working surface that is more comfortable and easier to use compared to small ones. They often come with an extra ergonomic design that can help prevent wrist pain, cramps, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Gaming Keyboard

Gaming keyboards are not so much different from standard keyboards but they have little bit more features like,

  • A gaming keyboard will have more soft touch as compared to a standard keyboard.
  • A gaming keyboard may have an extra screen.
  • Gaming keyboards usually have different LED light combination.

Apart from this, a gaming keyboard provides fully customizable options for buttons so you can set every button as you need according to the game.

So, that’s the reason a gaming keyboard will help a lot as compared to a standard keyboard in winning the games.Now as for as choice concerns it depends upon the money that how much you can spend but a simple and cheap gaming keyboard can also do the job for you accurately.

Gaming Headsets

While playing mission-based games like max Payne, counter strike or battlefield 3 we can not neglect any surround sound of our enemies.For that a powerful gaming headset is necessary. Also, microphones help a lot while playing online games with friends.So to choose the best gaming headset we have to look up following features carefully,

  • Headphone drivers usually 40-50 mm drivers are perfect.
  • As playing long session games having soft headband headset will be comfortable.
  • Microphone quality.
  • Check that Headset has noise canceling feature or not. Try to go with noise canceling headphone.
  • Having powerful surround sound system.

So if your gaming headset has all above features then you have a perfect gaming headset.You can also check the review of some recommended gaming headsets.

Once you have found your gaming headset now it’s time to go for second most important gaming peripheral which is also a key tool for gamers.

Gaming Mouse

It may happen many times when you have your enemy in front of you and you are just going to shoot that player but suddenly your cursor starts hovering and finally you missed your prey.It may cost you in the form of losing that game. The reason is, of course, your mouse.

So a good gaming mouse will have its own impact on the game. Because if you are a first person shooter then you need an FPO gaming mouse and if you play real time strategies games then MMO or MOBAs are perfect.

For choosing a good gaming mouse also require most of the technical things to examine.The DPI level of the mouse that how much DPI you need, check that whether you are lefty or righty and select gaming mouse accordingly.

Usually, most of the games require many controls for that you can not focus on keyboard and mouse at the same time. So try to figure out how much buttons you need in a game and after that choose gaming mouse which has more buttons.Once you found your quality gaming mouse you will start winning the games automatically.


These were some of the important accessories that should be a primary choice for a gamer. We have also mentioned some technical things that should be kept in mind while choosing any of these gaming peripherals.If you have any other tips to make a good gamer then comment below we will elaborate your participation as well.