The ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle has gained much publicity in recent years, helping to redefine what we view as a ‘normal’ career in modern times. The prospect of being your own boss, able to travel whenever the fancy takes you, and working to your own time frame is highly attractive, and not impossible.

The rise of SEO as a career option is a perfect fit for the digital nomad way of life. Search engine algorithms work the same where ever you are on earth; as do your laptop and smartphone… basically the only tools you need to make money in Search Engine Optimization.

Co-working spaces exist in practically every city on earth, allowing travellers to conduct their business with wi-fi access and office-like facilities, for a very small fee when travelling outside of the western world. Other options include the classic freelance haunts of coffee shops and libraries; easily located in any populous town.

So – assuming you understand some basic SEO – here are a few ideas that will allow you to set up your own business and work from anywhere around the globe.

Subscribe to Keyword Research Tools

Know the basics of:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • SEMrush
  • KWFinder
  • Ahrefs
  • Screaming Frog

Many of these tools not only allow you to conduct keyword research but also keep an eye on onsite SEO, your competitors and your field in general. You can’t do SEO work without a plethora of tools, so get acquainted now.

Set Up an Affiliate Site

Running a successful affiliate site will allow you to work with SEO services Malaysia, make money while traveling Japan, or road-tripping across the US, with little business upkeep.

Basically, businesses reward affiliates for bringing them sales and marketing work with no effort on their part. Getting to a point where money rolls in while you sit back is a long and tough process, the largest part building an authoritative website for yourself.

Here are some need-to-know basics about Amazon affiliate programs:

  • Go for Amazon products due to the eCommerce site’s built-in authority, making less work for you.
  • Amazon’s payout for affiliates is pretty low (between 1-3%). This means a smart move is to target high-ticket items so that a few sales a day equals big bucks.
  • Pick items that are sufficiently niche but easy to sell.
  • Make your site professional, informative, easy to navigate and, of course, highly optimized so that your ideal customer will find you.
  • Amazon’s cookies mean that you can get income from other product sales, whether they’re ones you’re promoting or not.
  • Reviews and buyer’s guides garner especially good traffic.

Search online for further in-depth Amazon affiliate guides.

Offer Optimization for YouTube Videos

Specializing in optimizing videos for YouTube works in somewhat the same way as Amazon and Google itself – these are three vast sites packed with products and content whose creators face a battle for their work to be seen.

Helping video producers get their content closer to the #1 spot for their desired keywords is a newer branch of SEO that you could easily make your own with a little investigation.

Top tips:

  • Use the YouTube search suggest feature to identify longtail keywords. Just type your keyword idea into the bar and below will appear a list of related keywords that real people search for – use this to your advantage when naming videos, creating content, video tagging and writing descriptions.
  • Target low competition keywords: find these by searching for your keywords and taking note of the number of results (beneath the search bar there will be a notice saying that ‘About 10,000 results’ were found, for instance). Go for the least popular KW.
  • The most important tip? Ensure you/your client is producing quality videos for high retention: if people finish watching the video, YouTube will automatically rank it higher.

Whatever your goal in your SEO career, finding a specialism and attempting to evolve it for yourself will mean that your skills and expertise are always in demand.

Better business means better sustainability for your jet-setting lifestyle, with a career that you can work on from absolutely anywhere.

Sow the seeds of your new career today by researching further into our tips.