How to Choose the Best Automated Review Software?


This is a busy business world, and companies must invest in automated review software. This software aids them in taking care of their online reputation. Lots of customers share their feedback and reviews on the internet, but looking through all of them by hand can take up massive time and can be absolutely hard. It is exactly where automated review software helps. You can explore Podium’s automated review software if you have never tried one for your company.

 The point is simple: once you invest in such software, It looks at the diverse types of reviews for you and gives you good information. However, it is also true that there is an abundance of options out there, and hence, it can become challenging for you to choose the best one. So, this post unfolds for you some points to help you choose the best software solution.

Underline your goals 

Before you explore automated review software options out there, make sure that you clearly underline your goals. Are you searching for monitoring brand sentiment, improving customer satisfaction, augmenting your online reputation, and more? By knowing your goals, you can easily narrow down software options that align properly with your needs.

Check Features and Functionality 

Then, it is your duty that you check features that the software has for you. Common types of functionalities include sentiment analysis, review aggregation, response management, trend identification, and even reporting. Choose software that not only meets your current requirements but even provides you with room for scalability as your requirements evolve.

Check Review Sources 

Then, you should find out the platforms and sources from which you look forward to collecting reviews. Some software could specialize in certain platforms, whereas others offer broader coverage. So, you have to find out that the software supports the review sources that matter most to your organization.  

Evaluate Sentiment Analysis Accuracy 

A critical capability of automated review software is known as sentiment analysis. Yes, it is necessary that the software you choose can accurately determine if a review is positive, negative, or neutral. You must hunt for software that boasts a high accuracy rate in the realm of sentiment analysis.

Find out User-Friendly Interface 

The software you choose should be intuitive and even easy to navigate. A complex or even cluttered sort of interface can simply end up in a frustrating experience and hamper efficient use. Many software providers offer demonstrations or even trials; take advantage of such to assess the overall user experience. Don’t simply avoid the user-friendly interface aspect, as it can damage the experience you get.

Explore Customization Options 

Every business has some or the other unique voices and branding. Look for software that enables you to customize response templates and even messages to keep a consistent brand identity when addressing customer feedback.


To sum up, when you know what you need and what type of options the automated review software has for you, you can make a professional, effective and advantageous choice. Single software can be revolutionary for your overall business reputation and growth.