How to Design Your Home Office


Working from home has become the new normal. As you settle into this new paradigm, you need to start considering how your workspace is going to work. Follow this guide to help you set up your new home office.   

Select a Theme  

To get you started on your design, you need to pick a theme. There are a variety of ideas you can use to inspire you. For example, you can go for a minimalist concept. This would mean sticking to a simple or one-tone color palette, sleek lines and simple to no patterns. As you choose your concept, think about what will help you stay focused on work and be a comfortable place for you to get your job done. Remember, if you are uncertain about what design to go with, it is easiest to start with a simple one that you can build off of if necessary.   

Pick Out the Furniture 

The biggest part of creating your workspace is the furniture. Take advantage of both new and used office furniture to help you create your new space. Keep in mind that the type you choose will direct the remainder of your decorating plans. You need to take note of the color, materials and size of each piece. The first choice you should make is your desk. This is where a predominant amount of your work will take place, and will determine other features you may need, such as filing cabinets. Additionally, this will help you see how much other space you need to fill to furnish your office.   

Choose the Decoration 

Once you have your furniture selected, you will want to start thinking about decoration. A great place to start is the walls. Whether you are looking for inspiration, motivation or mood, art can do a lot to help create the work environment. Think about what you will help you get the job done. However you decorate your office, you should make sure that it reflects your personality. The benefit of a home office is that it is your space, and does not need to be decorated for your coworkers as well. Remember while whatever you choose may be visible over a Zoom call, most of it will be for your eyes only.  

As you get used to your work from home life, be sure to create a space that inspires you. You’re going to love where you work.