How to Find Beneficial Information of Indian Companies


The primary goal of any corporation is to make money, and many times, entering a business partnership can make that goal easier to achieve. But to ensure the success of your own business, it is important to protect yourself from partnering with a company that doesn’t have great credibility or financial stability. That’s why it is vital to research your potential business partners before you enter any business deal. Here’s a look at how you can do that for business entities in India through an Indian company directory

Why is it Important to Research Potential Business Partners?

Given today’s volatile business landscape, there’s a lot that needs to be taken into consideration before you strike a business deal. Unfortunately, integrity and honesty are ideals that are lost on many corporations that look to make an easy buck. Keep in mind that although a business deal should, ideally, be favourable to both parties entering it, the other party is only looking out for their interests, which is why it’s just as important for you to protect your business interests by researching your potential business partner beforehand. 

Finding Comprehensive Information About Millions of Indian Businesses

Fortunately, finding reliable, comprehensive data about other business entities is no longer a challenging ordeal, with D&B iAccess. 

D&B iAccess’ Indian company directory lists key information on more than 7.71 million businesses in the country, helping you monitor and track data of different entities on the fly. Dun & Bradstreet sources these details from more than 100 authentic sources. You can, thus, use the platform to get a deeper understanding of the potential risks associated with entering a business partnership with a certain entity, be it a dealer, vendor, distributor, joint venture partner or supplier. 

The tool also has a “Watchlist” that monitors and lists potential red flag entities, including their Common Principals and Related Entities, so you know beforehand whether a future business relationship offers more risk than security. Once your corporation subscribes to the D&B’s Indian company directory, you will be able to receive alerts on your chosen records, helping you make informed decisions every time. 

The 360-degree view provided by D&B iAccess reports can help you ascertain the credibility, financial risk, and existence of pretty much any organization in India. From banking details to news and media articles, charge details, compliance information, legal cases against the company, and more, you can now access all the information you need about other business entities through a single platform. 

The best part is that you can use a free account on the iAccess platform to access specific information and purchase additional reports that you may require at a nominal charge. 

You no longer have to enter any business deal based on good faith alone. Protect your business, your employees and your reputation with the D&B iAccess platform that generates comprehensive information on millions of businesses in India, with the click of a button.