How to fix an iPhone device stuck on Apple logo


Stuck on white apple logo screen of death and device can,t control on? In actuality, iPhone stuck on apple logo(once in a while, we call it white apple, or white apple screen of death) is a typical issue that most iPhone users meet. Individuals who attempted to escape their iPhone or update their iPhone confront this issue normally.

The problem making it almost difficult to utilize the device, not to mention fix it. When something turns out weird amid startup routine, the device iPhone stuck on apple logo issue happens.

Basic tips to fix iPhone device stuck on apple logo:

  1. To settle this issue is to restart your iPhone device, simply press and hold the ON/OFF button and slide to power off the device.

On devices like iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus, gently press and hold volume button while holding ON/OFF button continuously.

  1. When the device is in Recovery mode, iTunes allows the device to the factory settings with latest iOS.
  2. If the two tips still don’t resolve the issue, use DFU mode

Default Firmware Update(DFU) is more effective than the past technique with regards to restoring your iOS device typical usefulness, it prompts finish irreversible information loss.

Step-by-Step Procedure for DFU mode are listed below:

  1. Connect your iPhone device to your Computer and access iTunes. Make sure the USB is properly fixed to PC without any loose contact.
  2. Power Off the device by pressing sleep button in the upper right corner of the device(On the iOS devices like iPhone 6, iPhone plus, and, in newer versions the power is on the right side). A slider will show up on the screen, slide it to right to turn off the device.

In the event that the device did not turn off, press both the power and Home buttons still after the slider displays on. In the end, the device will shutdown, relinquish the buttons when the device shuts down.

  1. Once the iPhone device is turned off, by and by hold the Home and Power button in the meantime. On the off chance that you an iPhone X, iPhone 7 press down power and volume down keys, but not the Home key.
  2. Now leave the Sleep button yet keep pressing the home key. It displays a statement that iTunes has detected an iPhone in Recovery mode.
  3. Finally, once the process is done, iPhone data recovery is acquired over iTunes.

iPhone data recovery after the device stuck on apple logo issue using MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS tool.

Step-by-Step procedure to use MiniTool Mobile Recovery:

  1. Connect your iPhone device to the computer, now download and install MiniTool Mobile Recovery for iOS.
  2. Once the installation formalities are finished, the software scans the device and wait for few minutes to complete the scan.
  3. After the scanning process finishes quickly displays lots of data and select the files accordingly which have to be recovered.
  4. Once the files are selected click on “Recover” button and browse the place on your computer to restore the data.
  5. Data like image, messages, call histories, WhatsApp, notes, reminder, and bookmarks are recovered.

If the lost data is included on iCloud backup or iTunes Backup previously, follow these steps to restore data:

  1. Select recover from iTunes backup file option in the software, backup files have been listed below.
  2. Now select the necessary backup by Name, Latest Backup Date, and Serial Number.
  3. Once selected the click on scan button below.
  4. Select all the desired files after scanning.
  5. Now browse the place to keep your files on your computer and click Recover button to store data.

Another solution for iPhone stuck on apple logo can be resolved in use with another tool:


  1. Download and install dr fone on computer PC /Mac.
  2. Connect the ambiguous iPhone to computer using USB cable.
  3. Choose Repair option on the homepage, click on start.
  4. A pop up which enables you to select the device configuration and then download the coordinated iOS firmware.
  5. Once done with the process dr.fone will repair iOS system.
  6. iPhone will now auto restarts. It shall now have the capacity for data recovery in no trouble.
  7. Hence settled that maddening issue of iPhone stuck on apple logo. Every information will be restored to the device.

Safety Measures:

To overcome the problem iPhone stuck on apple logo pay attention to these details:

  1. Do not use the device for more time since pressure on battery and hardware can cause apple logo stuck on iPhone device.
  2. Once in a month shut down the device and leave for few seconds. Because the device runs continuously and stores all the important data like media, emails which are kept safe.
  3. Update the latest iOS version once you get the notification.
  4. Please backup all the important data in advance.
  5. Adding non-iOS applications and capabilities onto the device may also cause iPhone device stuck on apple logo.

Repair Suggestions:

On the off chance that choosing every one of the recommendations above and still the iPhone device stuck on apple logo problem continues, it could be a great opportunity to get it repaired.In case, if the device is in guarantee mode the Apple company should cover the repair if there is no harm. Unfortunately, on the off chance that considering the above suggestions, the iOS device still doesn’t properly work it is to be noted that some type of liquid or any physical damage would be the considerable fault.


As examined various reasons why the apple logo stuck on iPhone screen, and diverse arrangements that apply to everyone, the problem doesn’t revert back again once it is repaired properly. Many other tools came into action for issues of iOS devices which could be known through the practice.