How to improve Podcast with Podcast Survey



A podcast host always thinks about the listeners when creating content. Sometimes a host has no idea about what listeners want to hear on the podcast. By creating a podcast survey,

we will surely get the listener’s input. It is an opportunity to get direct feedback from Listeners.

Podcast surveys are a great way to learn how to plan better for future episodes and how to enhance your program.

What is a Podcast Survey?

A survey is a way to get direct feedback from the audience of a business or an organization. In podcasting, a podcast host can survey their audiences or listeners. This is the best way you can get feedback about how your audience is responding to your show. Comments and reviews are a great thing! But they don’t specify to you what to improve and give your audience what they are looking for. But a podcast survey gives you access to communicate with your whole audience.

Benefits of Podcast Survey

Knowing What the Audience Wants to Hear

The main benefit of podcast surveys is that listeners can say to the host what they want to hear and the host does not have to guess. A podcast host has the option to increase the amount of enjoyment that listeners get from the podcast. Listeners have specific topics that they wish to hear about.

Involving Listeners in the Production

By filling the podcast survey listeners may become more loyal listeners. They might get more connected to the podcast if an episode with their recommendation was recorded. They might also share the podcast with their friends and also post it on social media too. This will help the podcast to grow. The impact of listening to podcasts will increase as the number of listener`s episodes will increase.

How to Conduct a Podcast Survey

Filling Out the Survey

If the host makes the process of filling the survey difficult then only a few people would fill the survey. Several Methods will increase the number of surveys. Make a Survey in the form of Multiple-Choice Questions. People will fill surveys easily and also put fill-in-the-blanks at the end of the survey, so listeners will be more likely to answer them because they are already engaged in it. You can use an audio survey. During your podcast editing add an audio clip of questions. It’s easy to draw listeners’ attention to a survey.

Ask People Their Favorite Episode

For more and, better content hosts should ask about the listener`s favorite episodes. If the most popular episode is an interview, then they should do more interviews. Answering This question gives a host an idea of the listener`s desire to listen. By picking favorite episodes means they want more similar episodes. And if the episode is experimental, then the host can start producing related episodes.


This question will help a lot to provide the best value for listeners. For the answer to this, the host should have three options. They should be as follows: For Entertainment, to learn or to hear progress. When the audience is listening for enjoyment, a host can experiment with their content. If little changes are made, the listeners will not depart. For listeners looking to learn, a host can add steps of action for listeners. When some sequence of steps will be recorded, listeners will know how they can do the same. Those who are looking for progress will be pleased.


By asking this question in a survey the host could find out if there are some more topics which the audience wants to listen to. The audience may want to listen to a topic that the host might forget to cover. This option allows the audience to give their view of new content and episodes. This question might lead casual listeners to loyal listeners. The listeners with their episode idea might share the episode with their friends.


By asking this type of question hosts might get to know about their promotional channels. A host can change promotional strategies based on answers. If a listener discovered the podcast through one channel, the host may devote more time to it. If a listener does not mention a different channel, a host could stop promoting it.


The advantage of this inquiry is knowing the amount to recap. In the event that most audience members are new, a host needs to describe the situation while referring to old episodes. At the point when the listeners have listened to all episodes from the beginning, past episodes just need a short outline.


Making every question optional prevents spam. A listener can skip a question if they do not. I wish to answer it. They do not have to put in some random answers to get to the next one. When sorting through the surveys, this saves time. A host will not have to sift through phony responses.


Request the listener’s email address at the end of the survey. A host can follow up with them if they give any noteworthy answers.

How to get listeners to take your survey

Now it’s a big deal on how to actually get your listeners to take part in your survey. One method is to run a giveaway and use the survey as a task to participate in a giveaway. Another method is to provide some type of incentive, such as a voucher or coupons to listeners to partake in the survey.

You could also get creative and give incentives like shoutouts in upcoming episodes. You could also put a section in your survey of what they would like to say in your shoutout, within Reason.

Tips for an Effective survey

So, you are fully convinced that podcast surveys are a must. You love the opportunity to connect to the audience and you’re excited to hear all they have to say. But quit unsure how to take a survey successfully? No need to panic! Here are some tips for running a survey Effectively.

Keep it short and simple

If you want your survey to be successful just keep your survey short and simple. No listener will complete the long and complicated survey, though he/she is loyal to you.

Make it easy

Remember you have technology with you. Make use of online platforms such as Google Docs to make your survey.

Use Close-end questions

The last tip is to use close-ended questions.


By creating a survey it gives a host and listeners a chance to collaborate with each other. A survey allows the host to consider topics that listeners want to listen to. Creating content from the survey might lead listeners to become loyal listeners. There are no drawbacks to creating and promoting podcast surveys.