How to Keep Your PC Running Smoothly


The most common questions of computer users are how to keep their computer fast and smooth for a long time. How to speed up their computer? And I know that it’s every computer user’s dream whether they are Mac users or Windows users, is to make their computer faster and more powerful. But is it possible to keep your pc running smoothly for a long period of time? At most, all we want is to make the computer work as if it’s new even after a long period of usage time because installing apps and using them on a daily basis slow down your computer.

Then, what could be the way to use our computers efficiently! Is there a way to reduce lags as much as possible if not completely? Well, good news for both Mac and Windows users as following these tips will help them keep their computer running smoothly for a long while.

Use Antivirus Software

You might think that using additional software will slow down your pc. Well, it actually will. But using antivirus software will also help your computer from extremely slowing down by keeping it safe from virus infections. Some viruses may result in the loss of data while others slow down your computer. So using antivirus software will result in you a faster pc. It will also secure your computer altogether. You can also keep your external hard drives, pen drives and SD cards clean from viruses with the help of antivirus software. But if your SD card still gets corrupted you can recover it with the help of Corrupted SD card recovery programs.

Cleanup Your Hard Disk

We often tend to keep useless and unimportant data on our computer just because there’s enough space to keep them. But that program takes up a lot of space on our hard drives and slows down our computers. These data files include cache files, old backup files, temporary files, recent files etc. Cleaning out these files will help our computer run a slightly faster pace. Keep all recent backup files that you might need in case something happens to your computer. But suppose you somehow lost data on your Mac. You can use Mac data recovery software to recover them.

Disable Visual Effects

You can speed up your computer a lot by disabling visual effects. Is it worth keeping animations and visual effects if it slows down your computer? If you don’t have enough RAM and graphical power on your pc you should probably turn off animation and visual effects or keep them at the lowest possible settings. By doing this you will free up enough RAM to make your pc faster than usual. You can either choose which visual effects you want to keep or you can use preprogrammed settings offered by your operating system. These visual effects include shadows, transparent glass look, how files and menus open or close etc.

Remove Useless Programs

When you buy a new computer you might see that they pack with many programs that you didn’t ask for. Most of these useless programs and software are trial versions or limited versions. Those programs may not be of any use to you. So remove all those programs that you don’t need. This will help you free up your random access memory (RAM), disk space, processing power and make your pc run faster.

There is often manufacturer-installed software that most of the people don’t even know are there. These programs include free antiviruses, disk cleaners etc. Find these programs and see if you need them. If you don’t need these programs you can clean them out of your computer system.

Limit Startup and Background Programs

Many programs start as soon as you open your computer. They run quietly at the background where you don’t even notice them. They are programmed this way so that they open up as soon as you click on the icon. But you might not need them to run at startup. Find out those programs and stop them from running automatically at startup. You can also stop them from running in the background when you don’t need them. That way they’ll open only when you need them.

But how can you identify the programs that are running on the background? Usually, they can be found in the notification area. But some of those programs’ icons are kept hidden. Be sure to click the ‘show hidden icons’ button so you don’t miss those programs.

There are a lot more you can do to speed up your pc such and increase your computer’s RAM and graphical powers. You should also turn off your computer or restart it every now and then to clean up excess background data. But if you can’t afford to do upgrade you can try these settings as these are free. But if doing all these don’t help you can try reinstalling windows. That will sure help your computer speed up.