How to Learn and Become a CPA

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How to Learn and Become a CPA

For anyone seeking an in-demand and rewarding profession that deals with numbers and mathematics, plus a potential participation in the business world, then learning how to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) would be a fantastic decision. CPAs are licensed accountants who have dutifully passed a fairly thorough standardized process to aid their careers and open a world of more job opportunities and development.

Becoming a Certified Public Accountant is not an easy task; it requires a lot of commitment, hard work and dedication. Right after earning a Bachelor’s degree, many people try hard to become a CPA, however, keep in mind that it is a long road to get there if you really want to become one. Quite a number of independent work and study is mandatory before you can get that much coveted CPA title.

Below are processes to follow that will make becoming a CPA a relatively straightforward path.

  • School: Attending a school is a very important process in your bid to learn and become a CPA as they are all required to have a Bachelor’s degree. In most cases, individuals graduate with a degree in accounting, although, you might have chosen a finance or business diploma, possibly with a minor in accounting. Your choice then will greatly depend on whether or not you knew from the off that you’d love to become a CPA as well as what your intentions on the field are. This is very vital to think about as well as your career plan. Do you dream of gaining CPA license to become a full-time accountant, maybe for your own business or with a big firm? Or are you thinking of having this sort of background to potentially delve into the business or entrepreneurship world? These questions will undoubtedly help to choose the right bachelor’s degree program.
  • Exam: Once you’ve taken care of the educational path, the next step in becoming a CPA is taking and passing the CPA exam. It’s a rigorous four-part Uniform CPA exam, which is conducted by AICPA (American Institute of Certified Public Accountants). Though, different agencies in each state have been granted the permission to administer the exam. To get adequate information about the authorized agencies, visit the AICPAs website ( On this website, you will undoubtedly get all the necessary information regarding the exam as well as concerned people you can talk to for any enquiries.
  • Passing the Exam: Not even up to half of people pass all four in their first try but that’s not the necessity. The requirement is that you simply have to pass all four within 18 months. To further buttress this point, passing the Exam is compulsory in order to earn the CPA title. The exam normally comprises of those things which you have covered in school already while taking accounting and business courses. There are quite a number of classes that offer short preparation courses locally and online for your exam. You can also get CPA study materials if you prefer self-studies and don’t want to take any courses. It’s another rather nice way to prepare for the exam.
  • Final Steps: Generally, you gain your full CPA license once you’ve cleared the exam; however, different states have different qualifying criteria for CPA. While some states require you to just pass the exam, others will require you to clear some tests which are meant to analyze your business morals and accounting proficiency. On the job experience may be needed and you’ll have to maintain your status with ongoing educational units. If you can navigate through this, then you’ll no doubt enjoy the benefits of a CPA career.

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