How to make an app in 2017

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Nowadays, especially in 2017, app development and programming is moving with leaps and bounds. So a huge number of those, who are interested in building of their own application for profit is rapidly increasing. That is why all of these beginning entrepreneurs are looking for the opportunities of launching their own project and create a record breaking mobile extension, which may bring them not only money, but also enough fame. By the way, look at that, chart, that shows the number of application existing on two core mobile application platforms within the mobile app trends 2017.

The blue column is showing the number of applications, which you can find on iOS App Store, while the yellow one shows the number of extensions, which are now located on Play Market. From that data it is pretty easy to conclude, that app development is marked with an extreme popularity. However, the main problem here is that not all of those people, willing to launch their own developmental process really know what to do and how to make the first and very vital step. So, in that article you can find a brief manual on how to develop your app in several pretty easy but in the same time important steps.

How to start an app development?

As I have already highlighted above there are several quite important steps, which you have to follow in order to start a successful application development. For sure, different authors, especially those, who are considered to be the top-notch experts in that field may be able to give a much more broad description of that process. However, it seems to be important to present a general and must-have list of steps, which are ought to be made in order to be successful.

1. Create an idea and analyse the market


Any business starts with an idea. But even, while coming through that pretty simple step, which seems to be quite obvious for the beginners you must keep in mind several pretty important things. First of all, while thinking on an idea you ought to remember, that it is a mistake to base the primary plan only on your own needs. It is so because of the fact, that you actually want to make an app popular, while having such a goal you have to understand those needs, which people face everyday on the field of the global net. Because of that there could be several approaches to deal with that issue.

First of all, you can create polls. Today the majority of those people using internet has their profiles in various social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook. And, as you may know it is more, than easy to create a poll there, asking people, which things do they want to see in the net. Moreover, in order to attract people’s attention it also would be good to launch the poll in special facebook groups, which are dedicated to the field of cyber development and app building. In the very end, while basing on the acquired information you will be able to develop an idea.

Second possible approach is just the analytics of the market. In the Internet there are plenty of various websites with the information about the existing apps in different resources. One of such resources is appfigures, where you are able to look for all the related apps, see their rates and then, identify, how many possible competitors are you going to face in the future.   

2. Security

In case if you have successfully cope with the first step, let me show you the second one. And, it is security. In case if you think, that your idea is really good, try to save the information about it as good as possible. First of all, find a patent lawyer and organize a patent for your invention, that will allow you to talk to investors freely and without being afraid of piracy, due to the protection of law. Then, try to use paper documents, that will allow you to keep all the information. for example in the safe. Moreover, in case of a big amount of cyber information, use a secure HDD, for instance, Lenovo is now making lots of them. Another highly important thing is to sign a non-disclosure agreement with your sponsors, what will increase the level of security. However, remember, that it is usually no sense to sign such a treaty with more, than two your tongue is your enemy.

3. Investors

Ok, if I have already mentioned investors, let me give a word on that particular point. The very important thing about them is actually not the fact that you must be able to convince them, no. First of all you must collect all the information about those people, who you consider as the potential financial supporters for your project. You have to find all the possible ratings on them and remember, that you are making a risking choice, while choosing those, whose rating is lower, than five stars. Furthermore, collect even information about these people actually, due to the fact, that their personal previous experience also matters. Try also to find feedbacks from those, who already have an experience of working with these financial partners. An only in case, if you are totally convinced in the reputation of those, who you consider as partners, you can email them and start the conversation.

4. Look for a developer

For sure, it is possible to start the development of your own application on your own, however, it is possible to do so only in case if your are more or less familiar with an issue you are dealing with. But if you have pretty small knowledges in that field, the best decision may be to go to a developmental agency. In that case you will be able to get a proper result for your requests. Indeed, there is a small trick, which you can use in order to somehow test the level of the company’s professionalism, ask them a very simple question. For example, “How much does it take to implement a monetization platform like Chartboost for my application?”. The right answer will be 15-20 minutes, but if they say you, that it is going to take up to an hour or even more, you can leave these “developers” alone.

Another important thing in that field to consider is also, where to look for developers. The best decision may be to outsource the building process. For example in the USA, Canada or Australia the costs for development may be approximately $120-150 per an hour, while in such regions as India or Malaysia, the developers usually take no more than $60 per an hour. So, here, the answer may be pretty obvious. Of course, such a decision has several nuances, but in reality such choice may be the most bargaining one.

5. Monitoring the process

Examining the working process id for sure highly important, but there are several pretty vital moments, which require a higher level of your attention. The first one is the process of backend building. Sometimes, people do not understand, what does it actually mean. To be honest, backend is the background structure of the whole process, which includes such vital things as: APIs, Servers and Data Diagrams.

That is important due to the fact, that even reliable companies are not ensured from the possibility of making mistakes, while the mistakes in the field of hosting can be pretty costly in the future not only for the project, but also for you directly, because of the increased in 2017 level of cyber security and the level of governmental monitoring of all the processes, which are now taking place in the world of high technologies.

Another important things are SEO statistics. As you can see in the pie chart, that field occupies the biggest part of the whole app building process.  You may ask, why is it actually so important? SEO optimization matters due to the fact, that it helps people to find your app faster, what automatically makes it more popular. It may seems, that a strategy based on words and search engine is pretty simple. However, because of the fact, that here you must look for the most popular words, which in the same time are the least competing, the whole process is full of various nuances and issues, which ought to be sort out only by the real professionals.

6. Make a website

One of the most important things to consider, while developing and promoting an app is the creation of a website for the potential users of it. That is not only a good platform for the creation of an advertisement campaign but also a source for feedback for your clients. Good application website has to have several distinguished features:

  • Screenshots. In order to allow the audience to clearly understand, what is the interface and the main features of an app;
  • Video. It is the fastest and the easiest way for the future users to understand all the essentials about your extension;
  • Mailbox. Some developers tend to underestimate the importance of that particular feature. But let me say, that the importance is much more than huge. Mailbox is an opportunity for you, as for a developer, to talk to your clients directly and accept all the offers and criticism, what will allow you to IMPROVE an app.

Earlier, I did not mention it, but improvement and updating is the most important thing with which you have to operate while developing an app.


Taking everything into consideration it seems vital to conclude, that obviously app development is speeding more and more, according to the development of various portable devices. I am strongly convinced, that while that bubble is still existing, the whole field of extensions and applications development is still valid and highly perspective. So, despite of the fact, that the process itself is pretty complicated and rather long, those outcomes, which you may get in the end could be fantastic. Thus, as for me the game worths the candle and I strongly encourage you to try, of course in case if you have a direct interest in that particular topic.