How to Make Money in the Stock Market?


Making big money in the stock market has been the latest buzz phrase. But just a decade ago, we were not even close to starting to investing in stock, though it was present in the market. What has gotten everyone hooked to the stock market? It can be the fact that it is a place to make big bucks or even grow your wealth to multitudes.

For all of the stock market dreams to set in and come true, a newbie needs to know what it is, how it works, and where to begin. So let us start from scratch and take it from there. 

Stock Market Basics

So, for instance, if you need groceries, you go to the supermarket. In the same way, when you are ready to buy shares or stocks, you will either buy them online or in a stock market. So, your basics of the stock market is sorted, your path here is cleared. You do not need to be an official investor or trader to get started; opening your trading account is more than enough. 

The term stock market refers to the major stock market indexes. As it is hard to track every little stock, these indexes include sections of the stock market and their performances. You might read a headline saying, “the market gas moved lower,” most often this means the stock market indexes have moved down. All the investors and traders of the stock market make profits through these ups and downs in the market.

The concept behind a stock market is pretty simple. It is a spot where investors and traders purchase stock or shares of companies and become part owners through holding a share of the company. You might wonder why a company needs to issue its shares to investors. When a company needs capital, they are most likely going to issue shares to increase and expand their capitals that investors can buy and sell at any time that they feel like.

Usually, there is no fixed time where an investor needs to give away or sell the share unless it was pre-designed that way or agreed upon by the company and the investor. All of this might sound complicated to make money with, but it would not be once you know how you get going in this process. 

Now that you are aware of the basics of the stock market, let us take a look at a step-to-step guide on how to make money in the stock market.

Detailed Guide to Succeed in the Stock Market

Screen and filter the Right Stocks to Invest in:

A stock market is never a place where you see one company’s stock and choose to invest in it. It is a marketplace where your options go beyond. So, it is entirely the investor’s job to analyze the market that he is investing in. Along with that comes the need to speculate and judge which would be the best stock for him to invest in. There are thousands of stocks listed, and yes, it is not simple to instigate each one of them. So, make sure you screen through various criteria to filter through fundamentals.

Select the Companies you Understand:

You can never work for a company when you do not know what the business is. In the same way, select the companies that you understand. You have already filtered out stocks based on various fundamentals. Now learn more about these stocks by reading about the company. 

You can either go and visit the website of the company or track up updates on several media platforms and get your feedback. Getting deep insights about the company helps you understand the business and gives you answers to key questions; is the business simple, do I understand the services, and how does the business make money.

Look For Companies with a Competitive Advantage:

It is merely not enough to choose companies that have passed your test of financial numbers. It is also equally important to understand and analyze the company’s qualitative aspect. Make sure you know what advantage the company you chose has over another company of the same industry. If you plan to try your experience in the market, you do not need to get that deep, but if your objective is to make money, this step is essential. 

The competitive advantage can be anything, it can be that the brand reputation is good, and no one can get it out of their head. Or a sudden feature that is drawing public attention. So, look out for and identify all of these competitive advantages. 

Allocate Low Debt Levels:

Make sure you weigh your risks. The bigger the debt levels the bigger the risks you carry on yourself. You can screen stocks through the debt-to-equity ratios and current ratio. So, while you also check these ratios, you might want to get your overview of how the company has been managing its debt.

Use Financial Ratios:

According to leading financial experts and investors, ratios like RoE are the per cent expression of a company’s net income as it is returned as a value to its shareholders. You might want to keep in mind ratios such as these while you move the wheel of your investing cycle.

Fraud Management:

Irrespective of the industry, if there is a lack of transparency, competent management, and much more, there are chances for high-end loss. Lack of fraud management can lead to shady deals, committed accounting frauds, mislead shareholders, and much more. That is why the stocks and by extension the company you want to invest in must be run by transparent and competent management. 

To cross-check this, you can search through fraud track records, annual reports, promoters, and several other ways.

Buy Stocks at the Right Price:

The stock market is all about timing and judgment, and if you have reached this step, you have cut down to a particular set of stocks and companies. The only thing you need to know now is, what is the price that you can buy the stock in. You make the most out of your investing operations when you find a maximum value company by paying a minimum price. 

Irrespective of how good the company is, if you buy stocks at steep prices and the stock’s future does not work the way you wanted it to, then you would not gain but lose all of your money and undergo risk. By stocks at the right price gives you a safety margin. It protects your investment from sloping risks. The key behind stock market success is buying low and selling high. So, you can make sure, which are the ones that are low now, and will get higher.

Portfolio Growth:

Growing your portfolio is essential to earn money in the stock market. Building a portfolio is the process of building a basket of stocks and allocating a particular per cent of the total investable amount to each one of them. There are usually two ways by which you can build your portfolio. A. Portfolio diversification through a large number of stocks and B. Portfolio centration of fewer stocks. 

Bottom Line

For a starter, take the assistance of this article to kick-start your money-earning journey in the stock market. You can take one step at a time, with complete analysis and insights on your journey. And ultimately, your investing will be a successful fountain.