How to monetize a blog? 5 ways to generate income


It is easy to create, it is estimated that every 0.7 seconds a new one is born and it is an excellent way to open doors and roads. We talk about blogs, a tool that today has become indispensable both for customers who want to publicize their products or services and for professionals who seek to disseminate their work and for lovers of certain topics that simply write for pleasure .

In any case, today having a blog is an option available to anyone. But there is more: it is also an excellent option to generate income and extra money if one knows how to do it. And that’s just what we show you next: seven different ways to monetize your blog without investing money.

Learn how to monetize your blog: 5 ways to generate income

  1. Ads and advertising

    Inserting ads and advertising is one of the most common and used ways to monetize a blog. Especially through Google Adsense or similar, where you can earn money for each click you receive in an ad (PPC) or by page printing (PPI); inserting advertising banners that are usually placed in strategic places such as the home or sidebar; or through pages such as InfoLinks that through its system allows you to insert advertising links in certain keywords. In all cases, the greater the traffic, the greater the income. You can even place your contextual ads and earn money by using some sites. is a good sample.

  2. Affiliate program

    Affiliate marketing is also a good option to monetize a blog, since it allows you to earn a percentage for each action the user makes. It consists of promoting a product or service from third parties, whether it is an infoproduct or an Amazon-style page, and for each prospect or for each sale made, we receive a percentage.

  3. “Freemium” content

    Every day there are more bloggers who bet on the “freemium” model to monetize their blog. It consists of offering readers the possibility of accessing unique and exclusive content, either by paying for access or by means of a fixed monthly payment. For this, the ideal is that you have a large amount of free content and quality available for your audience, that will add value and make them want to pay to know more.

  4. Information products

    If you have knowledge that can serve and help others, why do not you sell them? This is exactly how this monetizing your blog, but for this you must give yourself to know and position yourself as an expert in the field. It consists in selling quality information to your market, either in the form of electronic books, audio, video or a mixture of all of them in a physical or digital way.

  5. Sponsored posts

There are several sites on the Internet where you can register and reach an agreement with different brands so that each time you launch a campaign you will be notified so that you can promote your blog. This allows you to exchange products or services, or to pay a specific price in exchange for your promotion through articles (they can pay you for words or for a piece).