How to set crypto investment goals and strategies?


Are you looking to make a cryptocurrency investment? First, ensure you have a well-laid-out investment strategy. Remember, if you fail to plan, definitely you will fail.

Therefore, when you undertake any investment with the right strategies, you’re likely to encounter lower risk levels. There are many cryptocurrencies within the crypto industry and deciding on the best that suits your investment goals can appear quite challenging. So far, market estimates place these digital coins above 3000, while each of them has distinct features.

Let’s explore further to understand the various essentials.

Set your investment goals

For any investment, including crypto investments, you need to come up with precise goals that outline your expected returns from the investment.

However, there are few factors to consider, which include:

  1. Are you planning on investing on a long-term basis or short-term basis and track the financial market each day or per hour?
  2. What can you afford to invest, bearing the loss factor?
  3. Which digital assets are you planning on investing in?

Eventually, the amount of money you can raise will determine the investment you will make as well as how you plan on handling your investment portfolios. In addition, some of the strategies come from Bitcoin Era.

Identify the suitable Blockchain projects 

Many investors are inclined to look for firms with goals and objectives that reflect their targets. Thus, when investors are confident about the firm’s targets, investing seems far more logical since they have a long-term approach.

Many Blockchain projects within the cryptocurrency industry offer tech solutions to certain issues. For instance, the Ethereum network is well-known for its smart contracts that facilitate users to perform digital transactions without the necessity for third parties.

One, in particular the Steemit, functions as a social media platform. There are others such as Litecoin, which offers novel methods for performing transactions each day. In addition, you have to conduct personal research to identify projects that suit your course.

Conduct personal research

Knowledge is power. You have to find reliable materials based on your preferred crypto investment that will offer useful info. Besides the dominant cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple, you will find other worthwhile Altcoins in the sector.

To shed some light, you’re not only investing your cash on novel projects but as well in a novel tech (Blockchain.) It’s considered a wise move to have a better insight into the technology and how all this is made possible. Always make sure to read from professional and authoritative sites like Crypto Academy.

Enhance your crypto investment strategies and goals

The first thing you need to consider is whether you’re making a short-term or long-term investment.

Although the financial market is encircled by ups and downs, previous market info shows that you can generate a viable yield from your capital investment if you undertake a long-term view and handle your investment portfolios correctly.

Also, you can consider a long-term view when investing in digital coins. In essence, you’re investing your capital in a digital coin, tracking it, and leverage on its price fluctuations to generate a significant return after you have carried out due diligence.

On the other hand, short-term investment is much more distinct. As per this method, you optimize your returns from the fluctuating market prices. Here, you invest your capital on low-trading digital coins that you’re sure will pick a price momentum and later trade them to generate a substantial return within a brief span.

There are various types of analysis you can undertake, and mainly the fundamental or technical analysis.

For technical analysis, you can rely on the previous crypto info to forecast the future crypto outcome, while the fundamental analysis implies researching to have a clear picture of the underlying project.

Make a start

To understand clearly the various puzzles of the crypto industry, including the Blockchain tech, you need to commit a considerable length of time and in-depth research.

After you set your strategies, goals, and decide on the digital coins suitable for your course, you’re all set to make a start and establish a crypto-investment portfolio to address your financial targets.

Why should you set investment goals and strategies?

The crypto industry is encircled by its own sets of risks. When trading cryptocurrencies, you’re likely to experience a rollercoaster period, while except for the stable coins, other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum fluctuate in prices.

However, fluctuating prices are not a major concern in case your goals and strategies are well laid out. Moreover, many experienced traders take advantage of fluctuating crypto prices to create an alternative income source.

To the newcomers in the industry, watching their crypto assets fluctuates to a large extent can lead them to sell-off. Many analysts claim that fear or emotions can cloud your decisions, making you undertake unprecedented trades.

Thus, having precise strategies, you may settle down bearing in mind that you planned and employed the right tactics for your crypto investments.

Well, when it comes to investments, you don’t have to employ more complex tactics even if you’re planning on making an investment currently with a long-term approach or initiate trading on a full-time basis.

Moreover, at the end of the day, it is the investors’ choices that count, including other risk levels within the industry. Also, the right trading strategies as per you, will not likely appear as the best tactics for another crypto trader.

Still, you should employ the best tactics when trading because as a result, you will boost your chances of generating a substantial yield from your capital investment without having to worry about the bullish or bearish trends. On the contrary, the absence of a strategy implies that you’re likely to encounter major risk factors that can drive you out of the financial market with huge losses.


Just like any other investment, you’re not likely going to succeed in the crypto industry if you don’t set precise goals and strategies. You can use various materials and carry out in-depth research to better understand the financial market, which will boost your chances of succeeding in the crypto sector.