How to Track Marketing Efforts with Toll Free Numbers


It is often difficult for business owners to track exactly where their customers are coming from. Whether the company has invested in advertising efforts or some other type of marketing tactic, analytics tools have made it simpler to track web traffic and other online efforts.

Why Analytics are Necessary

Marketing analytics are clear measurements of marketing efforts and their related successes. The analytics rely on collected data that is related to marketing actions. This data can include anything from website traffic to the number of likes on a business Facebook page. The ability to collect, combine, and calculate all of this data allows insight into what is really working, where you could use some improvement, and the return on investment (ROI) of the company’s marketing efforts.

For marketing analytics to be useful for a company, they have to be tracked, observed frequently, and measured. A large number of views over a long period of time can offer the company owners helpful information regarding trends, for example. Comparing a monthly view to a quarterly view or a yearly view could also prove to be very useful. Offline referrals are not as easy to track.

A great way to track offline referrals or outreach is by using toll free numbers. Business owners may be curious about how to track marketing efforts with toll free numbers. Using separate toll free numbers for individual marketing campaigns may be one way to track efforts and see which efforts are giving the higher return on investment.

Here is how to track marketing efforts with toll free numbers:

  •      Purchase a toll free number and post it on your website. Make sure this number is not a number you have posted anywhere else. You will be able to track conversions from customers visiting your website who reach your company via the toll free number and make a purchase. Different toll free numbers can also be used for different pay-per-click ads. You can also purchase a toll free number to use for a specific advertising effort, such as a TV ad.
  •      A company figures out a method that works for them and learns how to track marketing efforts with toll free numbers. Incoming calls through the different toll free numbers are tracked, ad source is captured, as well as the caller number and the duration of the call. The name and address of a caller can also be tracked at times.
  •      Reports with call history and recordings can be evaluated. Call recordings can be reviewed for customer service quality performance reviews.
  •      The more meticulous a business is able to be with regard to tracking of marketing efforts, the more efficient the business will be with regard to money invested in marketing.

Whether a company is focusing on billboards, traditional mailers, email blasts, print, digital, SEO or SEM, the growth of the business depends on new customers who reach out to the company and make a purchase or invest in the company in some other way. Knowing which advertising source is functioning as a primary driver for inbound referrals is crucial.

Using Toll Free Numbers to Track Marketing Efforts

At the core of a solid marketing initiative is the tracking of efforts and results, so that the company is not spending money on low-performing efforts, and instead focusing increased attention on high performing efforts. Figuring out how to track marketing efforts with toll free numbers could also allow business owners to re-negotiate rates with advertisers, based on the total number of qualified referrals that were delivered through the advertising initiative.

Having the ability to pull reports and call logs to analyze ad performance and make important business decisions to grow the business, track the amount of money that is being spent on ads, and train staff to handle leads properly to maximize efforts are all vital steps toward business success. Learning how to track marketing efforts with toll free numbers is a highly effective tool that cannot be highlighted enough.

Another benefit of using toll free numbers to track marketing efforts is that the calls to the toll free numbers can be rerouted to any landline or mobile line of the business owner’s choosing. Toll free numbers help the company to establish itself as legitimate, offer callers the ability to call without incurring a charge, give businesses the opportunity to establish themselves in different markets across the world without having an actual physical location in every market, and offer the business owner the ability to track advertising efforts. Purchasing toll free numbers and figuring out how to track marketing efforts with them is a proven, well-worth-it investment of funds and effort.