How your business can save on energy costs


For any business owner you’ll want to try and reduce the amount you’re spending on bills, as in some cases you could be in a position where you’re paying too much, or even wasting money. When it comes to your monthly and annual outgoings, one of the most predominant factors will always be the amount you’re spending on energy costs.

There are many ways in which you can reduce your energy costs, whether that is through the lighting you use within your place of work, or switching to a cheaper energy provider. It’s important to understand that by making a number of small and simple changes, it can benefit you financially in the long run.

If you’re a business owner and want to be savvier when it comes to the amount you’re spending on the amount of energy you’re using, we wanted to share a few simple changes you can make, which can have a positive impact for both you and your business.

Shop around for the best prices

 A large percentage of business owners are currently paying over the odds when it comes to their energy provider. This is mainly down to allowing contracts to roll over rather than searching for cheaper deals. Companies like Utility Bidder can help your business find the best deals when it comes to your energy provider and make sure you’re not paying an excessive amount. Shopping around for the best deals is one of the most simple and effective ways to help reduce your energy costs.

Turn off electrical appliances when not in use

One of the biggest factors that will always play a part in high energy costs is electrical appliances such as computers, being left on when they’re not in use. The typical working day is 9-5 Monday to Friday and for most offices, this will mean a large number of computers and other devices being switched on during this period. Once the working day is over, it’s important to switch all appliances off, as this will have a huge impact on reducing the amount of energy your business is using.

Be mindful when it comes to making hot drinks

 The majority of the British population can’t resist a cup of tea or coffee and in fact, millions of cups are consumed every single day. When making a hot drink one thing you may not consider is the amount of energy that is being used by the kettle. One simple change you may want to consider is to use the guidelines on the kettle instead of just filling it to the top. Most kettles have lines which will give you an indication of how many hot drinks you’ll be able to make from the water you’re boiling. Although it’s a small change, it can go a long way.

Hopefully, the simple changes we’ve mentioned can help your business reduce its energy costs. It’s surprising to see how minor changes like the above, can have a positive financial impact for your business.