Importance of Employment Verification


Nowadays, finding and retaining quality staff is a big challenge for businesses of all sizes. Workers are aware of their qualities and want the best working conditions, so they can be picky when it comes to employment. On the other hand, employers are the ones who set the hiring conditions, but they’re also ready to compromise to hire a good employee.

Still, that doesn’t mean that every hire is a good choice. When hiring, you must check all relevant details of the candidate’s previous jobs. So, it might be necessary to contact other companies, which can be demanding and time-consuming, especially if you don’t know whom to talk to.

A much simpler solution is going through employment verification providers, that is, the services they provide. They do an excellent job of providing relevant information about the potential candidate’s job history and abilities. That can save your company a lot of time and money by giving you relevant reports on prospective candidates before hiring.

Check Employee’s Credibility

As a hiring company, you have the right to perform background checks on potential employees. Of course, you must inform the candidates about this during the hiring process. They need to sign a waiver before the employment check. You can do this verification alone or leave this task to certified providers.

In both cases, the goal is to get more details about the candidate’s previous workplaces, especially those relevant to your business needs. Also, employment verification providers can give details about potential career gaps that candidates may not have mentioned in their resumes.

Employment verification reviews candidates’ professional credentials, job titles, relevant experience, duties, etc. But job seekers can sometimes manipulate or fake these details in their CVs to get a better job or a higher salary. That’s not the ethics you want from your employees, so you must know when they aren’t honest about their credentials.

Prevent Costly Mistakes

Employment verification of potential hires can prevent mistakes that can cost your company a lot. But if you conduct it poorly or for the wrong reasons, you can endanger your business and prospective employees. Entrusting this task to third-party providers who perform employment verification and deliver a detailed report on everything you’re interested in can prevent many problems and unnecessary costs.

When selecting candidates, hiring accuracy should be high because you need someone whose qualifications, experience, and skills match the required position. Employees who aren’t the best match for a specific job can only be a cost because they don’t contribute to your company’s success in the desired way. So, when in doubt, employment verification can confirm whether the potential candidate is a good fit.

Third-party providers can verify previous candidate employment to spot potential red flags. These can be career gaps, legal issues or claims, criminal records, etc. These don’t have to be the deciding factors when hiring, but they can affect the final decision.

If you’re the one who have to write a letter of employment verification for a former employee, here’s how to do so:

Prevent Potential Workplace Problems

Very often, it happens that unfair competition tries to beat industry leaders in all kinds of ways. They often use unethical methods, such as “nesting a cuckoo egg.” In simple words, they can infiltrate someone to get a job in your company and send them information about your business.

If you don’t perform employee verification, you risk hiring someone with a fake identity. They could use another it to infiltrate into your company. One can argue about motives and risks to your business, but identity theft is a serious crime. If you overlook this detail, your business can be in big trouble.

Another problem that can significantly threaten your reputation is employees with criminal records. It’s something you must check when hiring, but candidates may omit this detail from their resumes on purpose. If you, as a hiring company, don’t pay attention to this, you risk hiring someone unfit to work in a collective and who may behave unacceptably and thus endanger themselves and others.

Keep Information Safe

Details of job candidates’ previous employment may be kept confidential. But when you perform a candidate’s background check on your own (find a guideline on this page), even the slightest mistake can lead to data loss or abuse. That’s especially the case if you use digital channels like e-mail.

To protect sensitive data about candidates, it’s necessary to use employment verification services via trusted providers. They implement high-end encryption so that all information is safe and the risk of a data breach is minimal.

Before hiring, you must be sure that your prospective employees are a good fit and meet the legal criteria for employment. By verifying their qualifications and competency using reputable providers, you can make well-informed decisions without harming your business.