How to Improve Your Ranking for Specific Keyword


Keyword ranking is one of the most discussing parts of digital marketing. When it comes to better SERP ranking, the use of keyword term always comes into discussion. Without better rankings, no brand can experience organic traffic and get good revenue from their business.

Promoting the products via other means like Social, Referral or Direct sources is a different format of increasing your business revenue. However, getting the organic user will always be considered as valuable and trustworthy in comparison to other sources of traffic.

There are today different marketing techniques that are being used to promote your business, but when we talk about organic traffic, content marketing is the base of keyword ranking. For every keyword, it’s the ranking that defines how better you are working in concern to the website SEO and what output you are getting in terms of business growth.

For a newbie, it’s hard to know the right strategy and trick to rank higher in the search results. Take an e.g., “Limoges Boxes” is a common and highly competitive keyword. For most of you, it will be hard to rank a newly build website in the top ranking list. However, if you consider some essential and unavoidable tactics, it will be very simple for your keyword to rank higher.

Below are some points that you need to add in your content marketing strategy to get boosted organic traffic.

Judge Competitive Keyword Rankings: Before you start building your content strategy, it’s important for you to note where your competitors exist in terms of keyword ranking. This will help you get a better look out of their rankings and what they are working to rank their keywords higher in the search results. There are many third party tools that you can use to find the competitors rankings and their associated links. Make sure you have all the competitors’ data before moving to the next step.

Develop List of Long Tail Keywords:  Gone are the days when the single keyword was linked to different websites via different link building means (bookmarking, forum, blog commenting, photo sharing, etc). Today, if you are working for a single keyword, it’s important to work on long tail keywords that are developed with the root keyword. This will help the search crawler to understand your keyword importance and rank it better among your competitors. The Google Keyword Planner will help you find the list of long tail keywords. You can even use the generic Google Suggestions (shown at the end of SERP).

Go with Lengthy Content: According to the reports by professional online marketers, search engine prefers lengthy content in comparison to short content. So, it’s better if you could write lengthy and informative content for the readers. You can research well ahead of writing your content and promote it once you have organized your raw data into an informative blog. There are many professional marketers who prefer writing more than 1000 words.

Heed on OnPage SEO: With a poor SEO, you can never expect top rankings. Along with the proper content strategy, it’s the website Onpage pointers that will make your website get better search rankings. You can easily download the OnPage SEO checklist and verify what you need to work and what you have already done on your website. Proper SEO will always give better search results in comparison to stale SEO that will encompass keyword stuffing, duplicate content or unethical ranking tricks.

Website Architecture Too Matters: It’s not only the content that will help you get better ranking. Whenever you call the user on your website, do have an appealing page that can compel the user to promote your content and grow your business. You will require custom landing pages, developed on the basis of user-behaviour. It will help the user get what he/she actually require from your website. Landing page development and strong informative architecture are highly important for every business to get better CTR (Click Through Rate).

For the professional marketers, it’s easy to build an effective content strategy and get success within the given time slot. But for others, it’s hard to initiate and get the expected results. So, before you plan your own strategy, do read the content given above and build your strategy accordingly.