How to Increase the Visibility of Your Online Business Among Local Customers


If you have a physical presence for your online business (office, customer service outlet, etc.) in a specific location, you need a targeted strategy to attract customers who may not realize that a local specialty is based in that area. This will ensure that locals find your business when they use geographical terms on the internet.

On that note, here are some measures you can take to attract local customers to your business website.

  1. Optimize Your Website for Locals

A local SEO agency and other service providers of internet optimization offer a route to connect the branding of a business with a specific location. Such options are significant as they can make your website rank higher in local search results. This will be done with a variety of techniques including link building, on-page optimization, local citations, and more. All changes are made with the aim of helping you gain first-page authority in Google Search.

  1. Partner Up With Local Businesses & Cross-Promote

Another thing you can do is partner up with local businesses to create mutually beneficial promotional campaigns. Some small companies fit together naturally, as one of them may be offering a service or a product that complements the service or product of another business. For instance, a mobile dealer could form a natural alliance with a gadget accessory seller. Both businesses can cross-promote each other on their websites and social media profiles.

  1. Sponsor Community Touchstones

Local communities have event-based touchstones that community members rally behind, and these touchstones define the makeup of the community. Events can take several different forms, from business conferences to weekend long concerts. Sponsor one of these to increase the visibility of your business. Though signing a check is the easiest method of sponsorship, it won’t be the most effective in this scenario. A better approach would be to make a monetary donation as this will increase the chances of your domain name being published on press materials.

  1. Make Your Site Mobile Optimized

If you don’t have a mobile-optimized website, you’re missing out on the plaethora of traffic in the form of people who use smartphones to search local businesses. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot or be a tech geek to create a mobile-optimized website. You can just use a website builder for responsive websites or see if your content management system supports a plugin that converts your website into a mobile-site. It’s not necessary to have a separate version of your mobile website. Most of the tools that make the site look good to mobile visitors will also make the site look good to desktop users.

  1. Promote Your Website through Local Influencers

Reach out to influencers in the geographic location you’re based in, and propose collaboration in exchange for equally beneficial promotional opportunities. Search for locally based subject matter experts whose followers intersect with your target audience. Then, get your brand name promoted by the influencer in the form of direct marketing, social media marketing, etc. The benefit of this approach is that influencers have a strong relationship with their audience, so getting exposure for your website through this method will gain you visitors who will likely consider your offerings.

With these actionable tips, you’d be able to generate traffic consisting of local visitors for your website.