Kaspersky Internet Security vs Total Security


Kaspersky is one of the reliable Antivirus & Cybersecurity companies around the globe. It was founded in 1997 and headquartered in Moscow, Russia. Currently, it is being headed by Eugene Kaspersky (One of its founder) since 2007, as CEO of the company. The company has launched several cybersecurity products for its users. Its entire product has its advantage and few disadvantages which confuse the user that which one to take in between Kaspersky Total Security VS Kaspersky Internet Security.

If you want to know about Total Security & Kaspersky Internet Security then check out the below review.

In the competition of Kaspersky Total Security VS Kaspersky Internet Security, Let’s talk about Kaspersky Total security First

What is Total Security?

Kaspersky Total security is at the top when it comes to protecting users from malware. Kaspersky Total security antivirus provides a VPN, personal firewall, and safe banking tool to use banking services safely to their users. This is an award-winning product by Kaspersky. It has all the tools that guard you against malware or harmful viruses. This is a triple-layer protection system that works 24*7 to protect the user’s data and device.

All security features in one product: Kaspersky Total security

It has excellent features that attract users to get Kaspersky Total Security for their Digital security.


Windows, macOS, Android and, IOS

Protection against cyberthreats

  • Total Security offers users a free VPN with traffic up to 300 MB/Day.
  • Free password manager Premium worth $14.99.
  • Gives users a free safe kids premium worth $14.99.
  • Its Anti-Hacking system works 24/7 that monitors your network and stops hackers to intercept your network and data.
  • Real-time Anti-Virus protects you from virus attacks.
  • Its Anti-malware is advanced that eliminate threats such as spyware, adware & hard-to-detect fileless attacks.
  • Offers you to block annoying ads.

Privacy Protection 

  • It offers a Free VPN to users that encrypt and protect their data from risky wifi network.
  • VPN doesn’t keep your logs and can unlock content from around the globe.
  • User can lock their android apps for extra security.
  • You can securely keep your passwords in a private vault.

Safety for your kids on the Internet and in the real world.

  • Users can see their kid’s Youtube history.
  • It has a website filter available, with that you can customize a list of websites for your kids and block adult content.
  • Users can limit screen time for their kids per day and device.
  • Parents can manage access to apps and games for kids.
  • Allows you to check your real-time location on the digital map. Also, you can add a “Safe Area” for your kids.


You can get it for 1 year for 2 user accounts with the connectivity of 5 Devices at $49.99 for one year from its official website.

You can check their other plans that include more device connectivity and longer terms on their official website.

Kaspersky is a well-known antivirus software used by millions of users. It builds high competition with their other competitors like avast, avg, Norton, and so on. You can check Kaspersky vs Avast detailed comparison for your ease and find how Kaspersky is much better than other antivirus programs.

What Is Internet Security And How Does It Works?

Kaspersky internet security is also an award-winning software developed by Kaspersky. It offers users to protect from malware, hacking, phishing, and as well as email spam. Kaspersky internet security helps you in protecting your browsing, chat, shopping, and all the data available on your device. You get various tools to protect your private life and identity with Kaspersky internet security.


Windows, macOS, and Android

Online activity and privacy is protected

  • You will get a free VPN with traffic up to 300 MP/per day.
  • Your online transaction and payments are secure with a safe money browser.
  • It protects you from unauthorized access to your webcam.

Online protection from all angles

  • Kaspersky internet security has a three-layered defense system that works 24/7 to protect your device and data.
  • Protects you from common dangers such as spy apps, XSS attacks, and crypto blockers and block them before they take place on your device.

Your privacy is always protected

  • Kaspersky internet security protects you from risky wifi by hiding your IP and ensures your logs aren’t logged.
  • It offers you an encrypted browser to make safe online transactions and payments.
  • Blocks keyloggers from recording your keystrokes.
  • Feature available to lock android applications with anti-hack security.

Home protection with additional features

  • Security from hackers who try to take control of your personal computer through RATs (Remote Access Tools). You can set a list of the block and unblock  RATs.
  • It scans your traffic activity 24*7 to protects your device from attacks. If Kaspersky internet security detects any attacks, it blocks all the network activity from that attacking device and sends you an alert with more blocking options.
  • Allows you to block annoying ads and offers you to whitelist ads you want to see from a specific site.
  • Helps you in protecting your password because it automatically blocks keyloggers to record your windows PC’s keystrokes.
  • File Shredder method is available by using it once you delete a file, there will be no sign.
  • Kaspersky internet security gamer mode gives you a distraction-free gaming experience by blocks annoying pop-ups.
  • It offers you to configure your features and setting in your Kaspersky account. Which makes it user-friendly.

How much does Kaspersky Internet Security cost?

3 Devices connectivity for one year will cost you $39.99.

You can check their other plans that include more device connectivity for longer terms on their official website.

Kaspersky Internet SecurityKaspersky Total Security
Protect you onlineProtect you online as well as offline
Cheaper than Total SecurityCost higher than internet security due to additional features.
Gamer Mode which blocks annoying Pop-UpsSecurity features to protect kids online as well as in the real world.


 In this tug of war of Kaspersky Total Security VS Kaspersky Internet Security, we believe both the products have their pros and cons. Kaspersky internet security gives you online protection and on the other hand, Kaspersky Total Security protects you online as well as offline.