Launch a Successful Website – 8b Website Builder Review


The best website builders have to be reliable, precise and it also needs to work without any errors or issues. With the right approach, you could create a site and then optimize as well as customize it the way you want. 8b Website Builder is the latest website builders and it manages to bring you some creative ideas that really push things to new territories and ideas.

This tool that supports Google AMP and all kinds of features, but the best part about it is that the platform itself is amazing for new business owners. Creating an online presence for your company or even for yourself as a professional is important and 8b helps a lot. It delivers tremendous value and quality, and you can access some unique ideas.

What is the 8b Website Builder?

8b is a dedicated Drag and Drop Website Builder designed to bring you all kinds of website templates. You can use them to create your own website the way you want. The best thing about 8b and website builders in general is you can use it without any coding skills. You have all kinds of premade ideas and options. You can even customize and optimize everything on your own. It really helps and it brings in that levity and quality you always wanted while also delivering the ultimate set of options you will like a lot.

How to get started?

With 8b you just have to visit and then you have to create a website for an agency, company, event, gaming, medical, music, real estate, shop, restaurant and so on. Once you do that, insert the website name.

After you do that you need to log in so they can retain your settings, then claim the site. You will do that and then you can use drag and drop options to create your site and make it work the way you want. The process is convenient and the results speak for themselves. You will like the true focus on value and results, and with 8b you really get the website you always wanted without worries.

They don’t limit you at all. Instead, you have everything you need and you can use it in any way you really want. It’s convenient and also very professional, which is crucial in a situation like this. The platform does an astonishing job at making things easier for you while also customizing the process and improve on that.

Creating a simple website

We believe that 8b is ideal for any website type. And it works great even if you’re looking for something a bit more complex. The trick with 8b is it was designed to optimize and customize all kinds of websites. And since you have templates ready to go, there’s no need to understand or know any programming either.

The way you create a site is intuitive too. You just find the website type you want, customize everything and then go from there. They really make things easier to adapt and optimize, and you even have a great library of page sections too. So even if you have a template, 8b still allows you to add all types of page templates and then explore the site bit by bit. That’s the main power of 8b, the fact that you add everything one bit at a time. That alone is totally worth it and it certainly delivers the type of features and ideas you expect as you take things to fruition. It’s never easy to do that as you achieve astonishing results. And as you do it the payoff alone can be very good.

Drag and drop is very intuitive here and the user experience itself is super impressive. Editing a template or creating new pages is always convenient and the process itself will indeed stand out on its own. 8b allows you to edit menus, add your own favicon, you can basically start your site and enjoy it without worries.


  • 8b is a very well executed tool with stellar creative features
  • The price is affordable
  • No limits, you have the entire system and features
  • Creating a website takes under an hour
  • Your site can be very simple or very complex.


As a whole, 8b will surprise you with the right customization options and ideas. It’s a great and reliable website building tool. The attention to detail and the fact that you can pretty much customize and adapt everything is what really makes it stand out. You will like the enthusiasm you get with every project. And they always push the boundaries to make it come to fruition. They always make it easy to play around with ideas until you find one that works for you!