As every company and service out there knows, generating leads and customers is perhaps one of the hardest and yet most vital parts of doing business. In recent years, the explosion of both social media and hand-held digital devices has meant that many if not most companies have focused their attention on utilising Facebook, Twitter, and (more recently) Instagram to further their own business ends, but so far using YouTube in the same way has not received much attention; there is a gap in the market.

While using YouTube as a means of generating new business leads is perhaps not something which has received a lot of attention, it is something which businesses – especially new ones – should consider. YouTube can be useful for two different reasons, both of which will be discussed in greater depth below – through the videos themselves, and the ads. The research which has been done suggests that leads through YouTube will begin to make themselves felt between a month to two months from the date that the initial advert or content was released, so long as the company in question remains consistent and pays attention to smaller details, such as how the ads in question should work, or what content is best.

The first thing to remember about YouTube is that, because it is a mainly untapped market, the possibilities are much wider than those which are now available on social media and other more common forms of online marketing, thus leading to more freedom for companies in what they want to do; similarly, YouTube does not function in the same way as other social media sites, and so it should be approached differently. To start off, these videos on various different stages of lead generation might be helpful.

Adverts on YouTube

Creating adverts on YouTube is much the same as creating them for any other form of marketing – taking the format of YouTube into account, keyword research can take various forms: researching what a chosen target group look for when they are searching on the site itself, and then forming adverts which most closely align with those keywords. This style of marketing works best when there are a number of separate advertising campaigns working alongside each other, as then multiple adverts can be used for multiple keywords, with scope for rearranging them if one advert or another does not perform as well as expected.Apart from YouTube you can also try other reputed lead generation platforms like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and especially Smarter Solo Ads, who is well known in generating better leads with solo ads.

Video Content on YouTube

There is, of course, always the option of creating video content itself, rather than simply adverts which will appear on certain videos. Creating videos begins in perhaps much the same way as creating adverts – by searching for the appropriate keywords, though this is perhaps more to ensure that the videos will occur in the proper searches, than for already existing videos. Videos which are interesting and which capture the attention of anybody watching them will draw leads in, and hopefully generate customers for now and in the future.

Since YouTube is a site which can boast long-term followers, any good content produced on a regular basis will create long-term followers, which in turn can possibly be leveraged into long-term customers.