Make Money Sitting Home – The Top 3 Must-Have Apps to Make Cash


In today’s world, with inflation and price levels touching new zeniths every other day, it’s only logical if people start looking for other sources of income as a means of passive income. Moreover, some mediums definitely take the lead in the bottomless list of money-making alternatives.

Today, in this article, we’ll be looking at some quintessential money-making applications that will prove colossally conducive to you if you’re bent on making money from the comforts of your home. Some idle time and determination on your part are all it takes! 

So, without further ado, let’s look at some quintessential applications that are endorsed by millions – nobody shies away from some free cash!

1. VidMate Cash – Watch & Download Videos to Print Cash!

What Does VidMate Cash Offer Us?

VidMate Cash certainly takes the lead if we talk about the top-most highly-grossing money-making applications. Available for all people based in India and Indonesia, VidMate cash allows its users to seamlessly watch videos, ads, and other stuff to fill their pockets with money! Yes, it’s that easy!

VidMate Cash is an absolutely free application that allows you to reap astronomical rewards without any real work on your part. 

Here’s what the VidMate Cash app will be paying you for:

  • Installing applications
  • Watching & downloading videos
  • Completing tasks
  • Referring the application to your friends

What’s more, upon signing up, you get an amazing signup bonus. On the other hand, referring the application to your friends will give you a bonus of ₹5. Furthermore, there isn’t a huge minimum withdrawal limit either – it’s just ₹5.

The makers of their ingenious application even go so far as calling VidMate Cash the best money-earning app – that’s how outstanding the application is.

Intrigued already? Watch ads and earn money through the VidMate Cash app now! 

With VidMate Cash, you get coins to perform different tasks – watching videos, watching ads, etc. – Later, you can convert these coins to cash and withdraw the amount into your account. 

VidMate Cash prides itself in its astronomical library of free movies and videos to choose from 1,000+ sites. What’s more, you can even download these movies and stream them offline on your mobile phones. Additionally, if it’s some pop music your ears are craving, you can even download music in a lossless format through this smart application.

Thinking of how to download VidMate Cash? Head over to their official website – – and download the APK now to get instant rewards! 

2. ClipClaps – My HAHAHAs Are Worth a Lot!

ClipClaps - Find your interest - Apps on Google Play

Have you always been a free spirit by heart? Do you find things usually a lot funnier than other people? Well, what if we told you that there’s a way you turn to convert your giggles into money? This isn’t dream stuff – what we said is as real as it gets!

ClipClaps furnishes an immense library in front of you that’s loaded with funny clips. Watch these funny clips, laugh, and earn money – that’s how basic yet rewarding this is!

Wondering how it works? First, you can download the app (available on both Android and iOS devices) and create a free account. You’ll then be presented with a myriad of funny clips that you need to watch until the time runs out, and that’s pretty much it!

The cherry on top, you can even upload your share of funny videos to watch other users benefit from them! The more videos you watch, the more your coin collection thickens. Later, you can convert these coins to cash!

3. Honeygain – Share your WiFi

Honeygain - YouTube

Here comes another money-making application that demands no work from you! You can earn around $20 to $300 just by sharing your WiFi GBs with Honeygain. Make sure your phone is equipped with healthy WiFi with a swift speed. That’s it – leave your phone and earn money! This application is available on Android, Windows, and Mac devices. Download it now!

Ending Thoughts

If you’ve found a money-making application that resonates at the same frequency as yours, get it now and know what it feels like to have multiple sources of income. Our suggestion, go for VidMate Cash; you won’t be disappointed! Say hello to passive income – you deserve it!