Mobile apps for home security systems


Mobile apps for home security systems are relatively new on a home automation market which was mainly focused on table lifts and other systems of that nature, but they are already proving to be popular. Having a mobile app for a security system is one step above simply having an automated security system, as the mobile app gives greater control over the way the system works. Having a mobile app means that the different areas of the security system can be co-ordinated, and that (depending on the system, of course), the user can actively view the system in real time. While linear actuators are helping to produce security cameras which can be moved and placed according to where they will be of most benefit, having those cameras linked to a mobile app means that users will be able to move the cameras themselves, to check on certain areas.

Vivint Sky App

This application offers control over lighting and various small appliances, the ability to program thermostats, the ability to lock and unlock doors, and the ability to disarm the security system remotely. Further than this, users can, through the app, add people to the security system, and then remove them when access is no longer required. Security feeds can be viewed in real time, while notifications can be set to allow for particular situations.

The advantages to using Vivint are many – the system is not simply relegated to security, but can allow for control of other systems as well, such as thermostats. The app itself is very easy to use, and as a bonus is free. The way the app is set up, the security system it is attached to can be set to unlock doors automatically in the event of a fire, or can switch lights on at a certain time of day or not, and so on. Finally, it has very good reviews, with most giving it four stars out of five.

Disadvantages include that the app is not usable on Blackberry – users of that technology will need to find another app. People will need to sign up to Vivint itself in order to use the app effectively, since unlike other apps it is not compatible with other technology.

Frontpoint Mobile App

The Frontpoint app allows users to arm and disarm the security system remotely, as well as giving them control over the lights, locks and heating in their home. The app sends texts or emails to users telling them of disturbances in the home, while giving them access to live security footage from the cameras. The reviews for this app are very positive, with many users giving it three and half or more stars out of the full five which are available!

Advantages to using this app are the convenience it offers; any specific internet connection allows users to connect to their security system. The app itself is user friendly, with a very smooth learning curve to it, and it is free to download and use. Frontpoint Mobile app works with all mobile devices, including iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and Windows. Another disadvantage is that while the app itself is free to download and use, people who want to do so must be a customer of the company – they have to be signed up to the website and have a specifically Frontpoint system installed for the app to work.