Must Know Tips to Be successful Selling on Amazon


Most important with selling on Amazon is to follow all the rules meticulously. Read through Amazons rules and learn them and follow them. You would not want to spend endless hours setting up a huge list of products for sale just to be banned.

You must have great pictures that show the product in such a way that the customer is in a store looking at the product in person. I suggest using a high quality camera or outsourcing to a professional depending on your product.

Gain Visibility and more sales by becoming a Featured Merchant! The importance of becoming a featured merchant can be “sell or don’t sell”. To become a featured merchant is not exactly known but from my experience it takes at least a month and you must have great feedback, on time deliveries, answering customer questions in less than 24 hours and selling a good amount of items. Also by being a Featured Merchant you now have the chance to win the Infamous “Buy Box”! This brings me to my next tip…

Win that Buy Box and I guarantee you will increase sales! If you have a lot of competition with your products it can be difficult to win the buy box. To win the buy box you must be a featured merchant, you must have exceedingly high feedback but most of all you must have the lowest price for the product. These three metrics are all taken in account to win the buy box but price trumps all.

If you want to succeed on Amazon you must have the mentality that the customer is always right and it is good to know theĀ selling on Amazon tips and tricks . Sometimes it is better to take a loss than argue with a customer when you know you are right to avoid bad feedback – as bad feedback can be the kiss of death in the overall long term sales picture.

Fill out those search terms the right way! There is no need to use the same words that are in your product title, your brand or product name as it will be of no use. Use keywords – terms that are similar to your product that a customer might use to find your product.

Amazon’s fulfillment center Prices gradually keep raising but it may be the best thing you ever decided to utilize. Figure out all of your profit margin differenced using their Amazon fba fee calculator or use an excel spreadsheet and figure it out and first see if it is cost effective. Second the benefits are what make it so appeasing to sellers.

Be sure to create Holiday Promotions and manage inventory because the Holidays are always the hottest days/months for sales. For example during Christmas create a Xmas Holiday promotion such as buy 5 get 10% off. This will not only influence buyers to buy more but also create more visibility with buyers. Manage your inventory and forecast so you do not run out of product during those hot selling days/months.

Last but not least make use of all the sales/selling reports Amazon has to offer. Keep track of your selling trends; see what items are selling more than others. This will give you the opportunity to cross promote, make changes to low selling items and just have a better grasp of your whole operation. Use the reports for forecasting and for watching how well your promotions are doing.