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Launching a business website isn’t a complicated task, in fact, the real challenge begins when you start working on its development. There are numerous aspects that need to be considered while making a website which include web design skills, business objectives, tools & widgets that simplify the web design process and offer a seamless experience to the users.

Online calculators are one of the several tools that give your website a more professional look and instigate traffic to your business. The more professional and service-oriented your website us, the more growth potential your business will have. Usually, the online calculators are rigid and do not offer flexibility and the possibility to capture, evaluate or integrate the results of the calculations. However, Calconic is different. It is useful and flexible and also allows you to build calculators without any prior knowledge of programming.

You can even choose from a bunch of ready-to-use templates and add an interactive calculator to your website in a few clicks. Let your visitors calculate interest rates, loan payments, BMI and more on your website. Customize color, text, and more to complement your site’s look!

The online calculators are ranked as the most helpful by the users as these assist them in the decision making process. Enhance your website with the Calconic  online calculator builder which is a great help in exposing your products and services to the prospective customers. This online calculator boosts your media, software, apps, and websites with real-time business calculations.

With a bunch of powerful mathematical functions and operations, you can build the calculator that is perfect for your needs.

Steps to Follow When Adding an Online Calculator to Your Website

Here is an insight into various steps you need to follow when adding an online calculator to your website-

  1. Choose Template

Either choose one of the templates or build your own calculator from scratch.

  1. Customize

You can customize the fields and designs by simply dragging and dropping.

  1. Publish

You can publish the calculator on your website simply by using the embedded code.

  1. Generate Leads

Generate leads by letting your visitors submit their details in order to get the results of their calculations.

  1. Accept Online Payments

Accept PayPal or other payments with your online calculator.

Advantages of Online Calculator Builder

Though there are numerous ways in which the online calculator builders are useful, here we mention a few major benefits of using these-

  • You can easily change the content of the calculator and customize its design, text, color, and much more to complement your website’s design.
  • You can connect additional scripts and may even edit the calculator code (if required).
  • It allows you to receive orders from the calculators via emails.
  • You will get multiple ready-to-use templates for various business verticals.
  • These will offer flexible systems of mathematical logic, operations, and formulae.
  • You can accept the payments from customers directly from the calculator through PayPal.
  • No special costs are required to maintain the online calculators.

You can use a wide range of elements and fields to create online calculators that fulfill your business needs.

Benefits of Online Calculators

  • Fast

Using various mathematical formulae and logic embedded, the online calculators offer fast results of the calculations.

  • Convenient

From collecting contacts to accepting payments, everything is on your fingertips. Also, with the visual editors and quick to add sliders, check boxes, and lists, you can make appealing designs.

  • Effective

These are really effective from the SEP point of view. The online calculators improve your website’s SEO and let you receive order notifications via email and send messages to clients.

  • Economic

You don’t need to hire developers to configure various forms or tools for calculations.

  • Comprises All Math Functions

With the online calculators, you can calculate nearly everything, BMI, loan payments, chauffeur payments, etc. easily and in real-time.

  • Multi-Platform

The online calculators by Calconic are equally good and convenient to be used on both websites and applications. These are 100% mobile-friendly.

Thus, you can engage with your customers effectively and boost your conversion rates with interactive and attractive calculators. Calconic offers you the opportunity to build any custom calculator that you can think of and add it to your website.

In recent times, calculators, online calculators, to be specific, are used actively by a wide range of businesses to offer a seamless experience to their customers and, in turn, instigate traffic to their websites. A calculator is not just a mere device but it is a significant tool to increase leads on your business websites. Calconic lets you build calculators which are responsive i.e. they look good both on mobile and desktop websites and preferably, they are really simple to install. Go give it a try!