Optimizing Layout: The Power of Lozier Shelving


Lozier shelving is the most widely used shelving unit in retail spaces. This type of shelving is within the gondola shelving family. Retailers must work diligently to optimize their space with gondola shelving. Having a guide to direct them in organizing the space will help.

Tips for Optimizing a Retail Space with Lozier Shelving

Lozier shelving is one of the most advantageous shelving units for retailers. Not only is it sturdy and flexible, but it also allows for brilliant product displays that entice shoppers to buy. The following tips should help retailers begin the organization process to maximize their space and see more significant customer interaction. 

Consider the Space

Before ordering and installing shelving, retailers must consider the space they have. Installing shelving aims to make the area attractive and accessible to customers. Retailers should use a measuring tape to take precise measurements and ensure the new shelving will fit in the space without causing customer obstacles. 

Retailers must also consider the amount of merchandise on the sales floor and in storage. Ensure enough retail shelving to accommodate the merchandise by ordering the correct number of shelving units. Some retailers choose to order extra shelving for special sales events and promotions. 

Use the Appropriate Shelving 

Many retailers use Lozier shelves because they can be moved to various heights, creating display options for merchandise of different sizes and shapes. Many shelving options include end caps, islands, and wall unit displays. Research the various options and consider the needs of the retail space before purchasing. Retailers must also purchase the correct accessories for their shelving units, including pegs, slatwall style shelving, and more. 

Stock Merchandise Carefully

Creating a merchandise stocking plan is critical for optimizing the retail space layout and ensuring products are visible to customers. Many retailers use a planogram to help them plan the space and avoid having the end result look overly crowded and challenging to maneuver for customers. 

Flexibility is one of the many reasons retailers use gondola shelving for their establishments. Retailers can arrange their merchandise differently until they find one that suits their needs and looks aesthetically pleasing. With the proper shelving, accessories, and planning, retailers can mix and match their merchandise and arrange it in many attractive ways. Retailers should think outside the box and look at their stores from the customers’ perspective. 

Benefits of Using Lozier Retail Shelves

Everyone has seen some form of Lozier shelf system if they have ever walked into any retail establishment. These steel units are specially designed to display merchandise. The following are some benefits of using this type of shelving in retail spaces. 

  • The shelving is made to exacting standards and arrives carefully packaged to ensure durability and beauty. 
  • Retailers will find the assembly process straightforward because all the parts are included. 
  • There are customizable shelving options available for various retail needs. 
  • Experts are available to guide retailers through the purchase and assembly process. 

Start Organizing Today

Organizing a retail space requires a concerted effort. Special planning software keeps the space organized, and shelving makes it easier for retailers to put everything in its place. Organization must become an ongoing effort to ensure the area stays neat and welcoming to customers. The correct shelving units can profoundly affect a retailer’s ability to organize their space and keep it in order.