OSRS – Goblin Diplomacy Quest Guide


If you want to take in a short and entertaining quest, then Goblin Diplomacy is definitely worth a look. 

Do you want to take a detour from racking up your OSRS gold and skill levels? Then why not take in a quest that takes you to a disturbance at the Goblin Village? In the Goblin Diplomacy quest, you have to help the goblins here solve a dispute to stop them from warring with each other. Your task? To aid them in their decision of what color they wear. 

Starting the Quest

Firstly, you will need three suits of Goblin mail, some blue dye, some orange dye, and 35 OSRS GP coins. Once you have got these, head to the Goblin Village in the Kingdom of Asgarnia, and speak to either General Bentnoze or General Wartface. You will be told that the goblins are about to get caught up in a civil war over the colour of their armour, with orange being the desired colour. 

Quest Items

So to get the items we need, firstly we need to ask the generals where we can get orange armour from. You will be informed that you can dye Goblin mail orange, whilst Grubfoot says that he managed to seal yellow dye from Draynor Village where he nabbed it from a witch. You will also be told about three different goblins in crates around the village. The first one we must visit is behind the general’s hut, whilst another is in the hut to the west by the smaller square hut. The third one that we need to visit is up a ladder by the village entrance. 

If you have killed any goblins, then this will also help you get the goblin mail that you have been looking for, though you will still need an uncoloured mail for this to work. Meanwhile, Wyson the gardener who you can find in Falador Park will be able to sell you wad leaves. Say to him that you are willing to pay around 20 OSRS gold, for which he will give you two woad leaves. This saves you from trying to choose the cheaper option of 15 OSRS GP where you will only receive one woad leaf, therefore end up paying 30 coins for two. 

Next, we are going to the north of Rimmington where you will find the two onions that we need in the field there. Or, you can try Lumbridge and go to Farmer Fred’s farm. Then we need to get ourselves redberries from Port Sarim, where they can be bought from Wydin’s Food Store for three coins each. 

Creating the Dyes

Our next task is to make the dyes themselves. You are going to be required to make orange and blue dye. So, make red dye with three redberries and five coins from Aggie over in Draynor Village, then we need to mix it with yellow dye, which can be made with five coins and two onions. If you don’t have these dyes yet, then take them to Aggie and mix them together. You will need two woad leaves and five coins to take to Aggie as well if you don’t have the blue dye already yet. 

The Final Verdict

Now that we have the dyes, use them to make an orange goblin mail and a blue one too. After that, you can leave the third one as it is, before taking them to the Goblin Village. Give the orange mail to the generals, where Grubfoot will test it out. They won’t like it and ask for the blue one. Try again with the blue mail this time, and it will be rejected once again after Grubfoot tries it on. They will now want a brown mail, so give them the uncoloured mail, which they will decide s actually the best option.  

This will complete the quest for you, and you will receive a gold bar, five quest points, and 200 crafting XP as well.  So you aren’t going to need to worry about being hostile in this quest, so no need to grab your Twisted Bow or whatever your weapon of choice is. The amount of investment is minimal as well, so you won’t have to worry about finding somewhere that has OSRS gold for sale and buy OSRS gold. But it feels good to help the goblins out, right? Plus, it isn’t going to take up too much of your time, and it is rather generous with the quest points that you get, if you were to compare it to other quests of this length and difficulty.

Have you tried completing this OSRS Goblin Diplomacy quest? Let us know in the comments section below!