Reasons and Places to Do Skinning WoW Shadowlands


Listen up and skin ‘em up!

Skinning is one of the most important gathering professions in World of Warcraft as it lets players gather leather, one of the most frequently-used materials in crafting armor. It’s an easy way to earn gold, so you can sell it to those that buy WoW gold. So, do you want to know why and where you should be skinning in Shadowlands? Let us tell you! 

Why Take Up Skinning in WoW Shadowlands

We’ve already mentioned the main reason skinning is a good profession to pick up. If those aren’t enough for you, then maybe these other reasons will. First would be the fact that you don’t need nodes for this gathering profession, as Beasts move about and spawn within a wide area instead of a single spot.

While competing with other players for resources is an inevitable thing, it’s going to be less direct, as you won’t be standing in a particular spot waiting for the resource in question to grow back. Plus, monsters respawn faster than nodes. Also, monsters spawning faster means that skinners get to gather more frequently, and that means more profession EXP and faster level-up.

On top of that, skinning allows you to scavenge on the remains of monsters that players that don’t have skinning as a profession leave behind. You get to make money on something that other players can’t use and would just disappear anyway, and the best part is that you didn’t need to do as much work as you should have. 

However, as a show of etiquette, do not skin the corpse of a mob another gamer has just recently slain and looted the WoW items of, as it could be possible that the player who killed it is also a skinner but was taking his or her time. And even if he or she isn’t, it’s just plain rude!

Skinning is also one of the most profitable professions related to gathering. The materials gathered by other professions don’t sell as much per piece, save for mining, as they’re not for crafting equipment.

Last but definitely not least would be a reason that came about because of WoW Shadowlands: the necessary ingredients for Leatherworking, as with other crafting-related professions, have been reduced. So if you’re a skinner because you’re also a Leatherworker, that means less time needed for you to engage in skinning–not that it wasn’t exactly a time-consuming profession before that.

On the other hand, if you’re skinning purely to earn WoW gold, that would mean the skins you sell would get sold faster. Fewer materials needed would mean less gold spent on other materials, which means more gold spent on the more important materials. Simply sell the leather scraps that are needed at a competitive price at the right time and you’re on your way. 

Where You Should Be Skinning

With the whys out of the way, it’s time to discuss where you’ll be skinning if you want to level up fast. But before that, you have to first get your profession level to 60. To put that into detail here would be too long, so we just recommend that you take up Zygor’s Leveling Guide. A simple Google search should lead you to that simple yet effective guide to level up your skinning in no time.

Now, finally, the domains. There are three you can choose from: Bastion, Ardenweald, and Maldraxxus.

For Bastion, you’ll be going after Languishing Etherwyrm and Starved Etherwyrm. This can be quite a busy area because these mobs are needed for one of the starter quests in the domain. While it’s a general rule of thumb to stay away from areas with many people when farming, but this could be to your advantage, as lots of them are busy and could be leaving behind mobs’ corpses.

Ardenweald is also a good place to start, as the Gorm Raveners have a rather high respawn rate, deals rather low damage, and have equally low armor.

Finally, for Maldraxxus, you have two sets of targets. First would be Neonate Bonetooths, Bloodskin Tauraluss, and Furious Alphahoofs. They have more HP than other targets, but it’s easy to pull them together. The second would be Virulent Pests. They’re spread apart but have a high respawn rate.

Skinning is definitely not a skin-flinted (definitely pun intended) profession, especially in World of Warcraft Shadowlands. So, what are you waiting for? Get to tanning those leathers now.