Why Registering for a Trademark Creates Peace of Mind for Business Owners  


For a brief explanation, one needs to register their company name, brand name, or intellectual property for a trademark because if not, there is a huge possibility that someone else will do so and you will lose the right to use it. It is a great risk if one undertakes a business with original products but do not opt to register them all for a trademark. There comes a lot of benefits with trademark registering. It can happen that without a trademark, you can be kept from continuing with your business or growing out of your place. However, with a registered trademark, you can legally take action against people who are using your brand name without consent.

There are a lot of reasons why you should register your intellectual property for a trademark. Those reasons build a peace of mind in you when you know why you should opt to register your brand name or company.

With our experience with the trademark registration in Dubai, we always advise businesses to opt for registering even before they start their business to ensure their rights. We find it necessary so we urge them to do sosince trademark registration in UAE is quite an easy process for us to take care of anyway.

The above mentioned details are further expounded below to provide you with more insight regarding the importance of registering a trademark. Find out more about trademark here. Below is the list of the main bases of why you should protect your brand now.


To expound, when you register, you obtain intellectual property rights. It gives a company the exclusive rights to have its goods and services be covered by the trademark symbol, mark, tagline, etc. that is registered.

With these rights, the owner can sue anyone who commits infringement or inappropriately uses the mark without consent.You won’t be the one who will be receiving a “cease and desist” letter, but with the rights that come with registering a trademark, you can be the one to send it to the other party that is using the name that you owned, making your customers confused.

  1. Security

Having your trademark symbol registered, it can be used as a pledge in securing loan facilities same as a land or house (immovable properties) that can also be pledged.

Also, having your trademark registered gives you security and assurance because you can use it everytime without fearing that you are violating the intellectual property rights of the other business owners.

  1. Prevention

With your intellectual propertyregistered, the other traders will be prevented from having a similar trademark symbol as yours that relates to the goods and services that your business offers. Having the ® symbol can stop people in their tracks, making them see that you have the rights to whatever trademark they plan to make that is identical to yours. Since your trademark is registered, people can see it when they check the system for trademarks. This allows them to have a look of what they can’t copy and that would include yours. This will deter people from registering conflicting trademarks that could cause confusions and problems in the future.

In the event that the trademark examiners allow a trademark that is closely related to yours, you have the right to oppose it before it’s officially registered.

Because we are doing trademark registration in Dubai and trademark registration in UAE, which is for the whole country, we are capable of saying that although it may not be mandatory, it is highly advisable to have your trademark be registered before you encounter problems that might need you to change your brandname.