Self-Motivation-The Secret of Success


Self-Motivation-The Secret of Success

Successful entrepreneurs and winners are self-motivated people; they can motivate themselves to implement ideas for reaching desired positions. Higher confidence levels make them find possibilities and opportunities in tough situations also.

Every individual has ideas, thoughts, daydreams, fantasies, hopes, ambitions, imaginations, creativity and innovative thoughts, but only a few people make them into reality and can get success, the secret behind their success is self-motivation. It forces an individual to find paths for implementing the thoughts and it helps in fulfilling the desired goals. Constructive thinking and the positive attitude can help in bring out self-motivated behavior.

Individual’s perception levels, educational background, financial background, personality, attitude, confidence levels, enthusiasm, self-esteem, and society influences human beings and decides what they have to become. But self-motivated people can overcome all the hurdles and accept change in their character and personality and they decide what they want to become.

Various factors influence the individuals to become successful, the extent of influences differs from one individual to another, and it completely depends on their perception levels, personality, attitude and various other constraints. Similar situations may positively influence some individual and may not influence others positively; instead, it may give negative results. Self-motivation can overcome all such imbalances and can lead the individual in a path what they want to become.

The relation between self-motivation and various other factors are as follows.

Self-motivation and goals desires, fantasies

Individual’s goals, desires, and fantasies make them find a successful path with the help of self-motivation. Goals and objectives are the hidden factors for self-motivation, these forces the individuals to get success, so creating and developing goals and objectives can act as a foundation for realizing the fantasies or dreams. In order to make it real, goals and objectives must be attainable, tangible, measurable, specific and realistic.

For example
Dream or fantasy:

I would like to become an entrepreneur (possible to make it real)

I would like to become the God (impossible to make it real)

Self-motivation and planning

Some people immediately implement their thoughts and ideas due to the force of self-motivation; here the combination of self-motivation and planning can give desired results. Planning gives a clear picture and path to do things without difficulty. Future is uncertain but planning facilitates predicting future in advance, self-motivation creates hope and helps to find the hidden skills. The combination of proper planning and self-motivation facilitates exact implementation of dreams, fantasies, and ideas in the real life situations with the better expansion of the ability to work.

Self-motivation and success (or) failures of others

One should remember the fact that success and failures are the two sides of the coin, it does not completely depend on the skills and ability of an individual. Various factors such as personal, financial, social and others influences and decides a person’s success or failure. Though many people have desires to establish a business or start something innovative, one of the major negative forces which pull them back is “the examples of failure stories of others”. In fact, the reasons behind failures or success of individuals may not be revealed. So adopting self-motivating nature can give additional energy to overcome the fear of failure and inspires to find solutions for a better start up.

Self-motivation and thought of risk

The thought of risk is natural and common in human beings, it alerts them to take strategic decisions. Many studies of neuroscience and cognitive psychology concluded that thought of risk can survive human beings and helps in facing challenges creatively. Extremes in the thought of risk highly pull back to implement ideas or decisions, in such situations self-motivation can make an individual think out of the box and helps in identifying, analyzing and solving the risk associated with their chosen path.

Self-motivation and perception levels

Perception is the ability to perceive or understand and interpretation of something, in other way ability to perceive things in one’s own way through the senses. Unique thinking of individuals is the result of the difference in perception levels; it may depend on internal or external factors such as individual’s mindset or due to the influence of external environment. Habituating positive thinking enables a person in perceiving things in a unique way and creates hope of success. Self-motivation can help in improving individual’s perception levels in a way to identify the opportunities even in the difficult and tough situations.

Self-motivation and financial issues

Lack of financial resources may suppress the self-motivating nature of an individual. Though there are high self-motivational levels in some individuals then also they may scare to implement their ideas to take start-up decisions due to the scarce financial resources and fear of loss. Gaining sound market knowledge in implementing ideas maximizes confidence and it can act as a self-motivational factor to find various other sources of finance and helps in overcoming the fear of losses.

How to improve self-motivating nature

Leave the bitterness of past

Thinking and worrying about past failures suppresses the creative nature and leaves the fear of failures only. One should remember past failures to become more experienced and strong, it should act as a motivator to do things in a better way. But Thinking about past failures of life can act as a demotivator and gradually closes the doors of success.

Goal setting

Goal setting is the major step of motivating oneself while setting goals individuals must check it initially and before implementing the ideas to make it real. In order to realize dreams, goals must be measurable, tangible, attainable, flexible, specific and realistic.


Once goals are set, then proper planning maximizes the chance of success to achieve the goals. Predicting future in advance and preparing various steps to attain the goals can help in eliminating uncertainty.

Gain knowledge and skills

Improving knowledge and skills maximizes confidence levels and acts as a boost to the self-motivation nature. Knowledge and skills related to the goals and ideas activate the individual’s creativity and innovativeness.

Share ideas with motivated people

Sharing ideas with people having a positive mindset and encouraging nature maximizes the chance of getting a good support. Encouragement by others can awaken the innate skills to reach the desired objectives with more interest and commitment.

Know yourself

Knowing one’s own strengths and weaknesses enable them to know their hidden talents and at the same time, it gives a chance to rectify the errors and mistakes. Knowing his/her own strengths awakens the self-motivating nature and can make them think in a unique way by finding opportunities to fulfill their goals and desires.

Light the spark

A single spark can transform into a heavy energy when it reaches the right thing, likewise, a simple start up can leads towards success. It ignites the shining spirit of self-motivation and helps to fulfill the dreams and fantasies.

  • Self-motivating nature helps in the realization of dreams, ideas, and fantasies
  • It highly motivates the innate skills of the individuals to start a new business
  • It helps in the successful implementation of decisions
  • It helps in maximizing self-confidence and positive attitude
  • Self-motivated people do not get demotivated by the negative influences
  • Self-motivation helps in taking the challenging decisions to attain success
  • It helps in overcoming the various barriers
  • It maximizes the hope of success for a positive and successful startup
  • Self-motivation can highly reduce the influence of past failures
  • It can act as a spark to decision making and implementation