Security Issues On Mobile Phones


Security Issues On Mobile Phones

Our mobile devices have become engrained in our daily lives and are even the safe keepers to so much of our personal information. If your phone is hacked or stolen, you are risking not only your photos, but potentially your bank account, email passwords and even your identity in some cases. Here is more about top issues for Androids and how you can keep your phone safe:

Android Security Upgrades: Android has a reputation of having worse security than Apple, but that is quickly changing with new Android security features and antivirus apps. When downloading a new app, make sure that it is highly reviewed and downloaded, and more importantly found on a reliable source.

Enjoy Your Security: Putting a password on your phone is always a good idea- especially if you are worried about theft. Many Android phones also have added security features that will allow you to remotely track your phone and to remotely wipe data. You should have an idea of how to use these apps before something happens. There are plenty of cool features that are useful for more than theft protection. For instance, you can set up a photo to be taken if a password is missed a certain number of times. You should also familiarize yourself with what your anti-virus app can do and make sure that all of your safety features are regularly updated.

Know The Threats: Some of the most common threats to your data include unsecured networks – which is any network that warns you about data sharing before connecting- and apps that ask for your private information. If you know what to look for, you can be more vigilant in avoiding the problem. It is also important to keep all of your software up to date to ensure that everything functions properly. While protecting your phone may seem like a bit of a hassle, having your private information secure is certainly worth the extra work.

AVG, a very reputable cyber security company with nearly 25 years of experience, has developed countless antivirus tools for desktops. They have acknowledged the importance of smartphone protection and have created an easy to use antivirus App. Here are some of the features you can expect to find:


  • WiFi Scanner, Analyzer and Inspector for network encryption. Will also help you avoid Arp Poisoning, which is what lets attackers redirect you to harmful URL’s
  • Scan apps, games, and files in order to locate and remove malicious content


  • The app will overall improve the performance of your phone by monitoring battery consumption and enable power saving when needed
  • Optimize Storage space and keep track of your mobile data plan usage


  • Locate your lost or stolen phone via Google Maps
  • Make your phone ring even if it is in silent mode


  • Wipe contacts, text messages, photos, browser history, calendar, format SD card and restore device to factory settings
  • Hide private photos in a password-protected Vault

AVG offers a free 30-day trial of their app, in which you can take advantage of all the feature in the Pro version. Go ahead and download it now and take one step closer to privacy.