If you’re a regular visitor to, then you expect to find valuable, practical wisdom on what you should do to succeed and thrive — such as taking advantage of managed IT services, safely riding the review roller coaster, and the list goes on.

However, there are times when it’s even more important – and probably more memorable as well – to highlight what you absolutely shouldn’t do; not unlike a big red STOP signs, or the flashing lights that tell you that a train is fast approaching.

Considering this, here are 3 ways to utterly regret your vehicle wrap investment, and end up spending far more than your budgeted for much, much less:

  1. Try to Do-it-Yourself

There are many things that small business owners can, and arguably should do on their own. For example, while hiring a gourmet coffee service may be on the “Dream Board” for the future, spending hundreds of dollars a month to have a world-class selection of coffee and tea is hardly prudent financial planning – not when you can take care of it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

However, when it comes to vehicle wraps, going the do-it-yourself route is asking for disaster to strike. Why? Because unless you have the right materials and facility, it’s inevitable that your wrap will be riddled with bumps caused by dust and dirt, and it might even start peeling off while on the road.

  1. Ignore the design process.

How many times have you zoomed past a billboard and said to yourself: “How on earth do they expect anyone to read that!?” Well, many small business owners make the same mistake with their vehicle wrap, because they basically ignored the design process.

Here’s the thing: what might look nice on a screen may not necessarily translate into the real world. Plus, you need to consider that even if your vehicle is parked, you have about two seconds to get your core message across – i.e. your brand and a website or phone number. If the text is too small or the design is too crowded and “busy,” then the investment won’t and can’t deliver ROI.

  1. Fail to go where target customers are.

Believe it or not, but some small businesses spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on vehicle wraps, but undermine their marketing strategy by keeping their vehicles in their parking lot, or at most, showcasing it on the commute each day. This is a big mistake!

Vehicle wraps are mobile, which means that they should be shown to target customers wherever they are. For example, if you run a martial arts academy, then ensure that parents picking-up their kids from school come across your wrapped vehicle. Or if you offer in-home nursing services, ensure that your wrapped vehicle is located near hospitals, health clinics, and stores that sell home health care products.

The Bottom Line

Remember: when they’re applied to your vehicle (or vehicles), wraps are essentially mobile business signs. They will either enhance your brand — or they will do the opposite and damage it. Steering clear of the above-noted mistakes will ensure you enjoy profitable rewards vs. suffer costly consequences.