Staying Ahead: 15 Simple SEO Tips for Small Business Owners


When a business wants to be seen by potential customers all around the world, they need to make sure that their message is being seen by everyone that they need to see it. By understanding search engine optimization, or SEO, businesses can use these 15 tips to grow their businesses and spread their message for all to see.

1)  Use keywords

One system that search engines use to bring information to the people who want to see it is by linking similar keywords with the information people are searching for. For example, by understanding what keywords your target audience is looking for you will be able to make sure that when they type words related to your services into the search bar of their browser your website and feed is the first thing they see. Using words that appeal to both the logical and emotional side of the buyer is what will allow you to spark a connection with the customer that they will remember you for.

2)  Stand out

With people having to look through website and website just to find the information they are looking for, making sure your website will stand out among the sea of junk information and span will ensure that when a customer is looking for a product or service, yours looks and is the best option. Creating a landing page and website that is both visually appealing and provides useful information to a customer who is used to fluff and jargon will appreciate your concise and clear message.

3) Keeping it simple

It may seem like having all your information and pictures in one place will appeal to customers looking for information, but the amount of information the brain can process at once is limited. In order to make sure that only the most important information is being processed and received by the customers it is important to keep your information simple and to the point so that readers don’t have to dig through your website to find key information.

4) Load Times

While the speed of the users internet connection can affect the speed of a website loading, you are able to control the loading speeds users will experience by adjusting your websites data and content to make sure that every user is able to efficiently access your website. Having a website with only the crucial information and no programs that would cause the website to load slowly and deter customers. If people have to wait more than 3-5 seconds for your website to load there is a high likelihood that they will lose interest in whatever you have to offer and look elsewhere.

5) Utilize trusted sources

Living in the era of fake news and misquoted information, making sure that the information on your website and in your marketing is factually correct is what will keep your company credible and a trusted source of information. When you link to other studies or sources make sure that they themselves are accurate and trustworthy with a reputation for information.

6) Use Blogs

One of the most powerful ways to interact and have a presence with prospective and existing customers is by creating a blog. Not only is a blog effective for sharing your company’s wins and losses with customers but you are also able to gauge customer feedback before launching products and can have personal interactions that will only serve to improve your brand image in the eyes of your customers.

7) Build for mobile users

Although it may seem logical to think that most of your customer base will be browsing the web on a laptop or PC, the reality is that most people are using their phones to look up information on the internet. When considering this recent trend in search activities a company that wants to market itself effectively must understand the need to build a mobile version of their website so that their large customer base looking for information has an easy time on their website on the go.

8) Limit pop-ups

When setting up a website or mobile landing page generating some extra money to improve your overall business, but using pop-ups will only aggravate potential clients and make your website look cheap and unprofessional. By forgoing pop-up ads on your website, it will give customers a sense of reassurance that they are not dealing with a scam or a company that is just looking to generate ad revenue. Another downside to pop-ups is that some of them can even contain harmful viruses that could damage your website or a customer’s computer that will leave you in troubled waters.

9) Track progress

Business analytics is an entire field op business study that is dedicated to understanding trends of website and search engine trends that can track who, when, and what information is being accessed at any time. Using basic analytics software or hiring an analyst to understand your SEO is imperative to your success as without an understanding of your internet traffic you will be blindly advertising a product that might not be seen by those who you want to see it most.

10)           Update with time

For a start, having a basic website and a blog is all you really need to make sure that your SEO is working well and should leave your company operating effectively for its initial startup. However, after a time of growth and understanding your mission, you should consider an update to your website and social presence. By updating your presence and how you are view by the public you can directly shape your website and assets to reach new market sectors and appeal to a even larger audience than before.

11)             Have an online presence

As mentioned previously with the concepts of blogs and websites, if a company does no have an online presence than its full potential will never be reached. By having a platform for users to interact and understand the values your company represents through a website and blog interaction you can reach customers around the world and instantaneously all at the push of a button and from you very own home.

12)             Prioritize content

Like the idea of making sure your website is clutter free and only contains useful information, making sure that the first thing readers see is the information they want to see is crucial to capturing and holding onto someone’s attention. Putting the most relevant and searched for information before anything else allows the reader to access what they are looking for without having to dig through pages of testimonials and information they don’t care about in the present moment.

13)             Appeal to people, not AI

With artificial intelligence beginning to do most of the grunt work for analytics software and SEO management it can seem tempting to invest in appealing to these systems of search processing so that you can be the websites they see as most valuable and worth people’s time. However, if you appeal to human emotion instead of the AI you will be appealing to the real people who are going to be looking through your information and not just the computer program designed to look for buzz words that it has been programmed to look for.

14)             Don’t spam Customers

Have you ever checked your email inbox just to find it filled with useless advertisements that you know were sent to millions of other people? Thinking from the customers perspective and understanding that nobody wants to be spammed with useless emails is essential in ensuring a positive image with the customers so that when they do receive and email or update from your company it invokes interest and curiosity instead of having them look for the unsubscribe button.

15)             Be patient

If you only remember one thing from all these fifteen points, its that no major company or product was built in a day. Patience is one of the most important and most overlooked aspect of creating a business and is what separates the failures from the successful. While it is important to be innovative and ahead of the competition there is only so much innovation you can do while your product is still fresh on the market. Taking the time to sit back and watch your company grow and eventually change your marketing strategy is what will allow you to find success and build your business.


Whether you are looking to expand on your website or engage your customers with a blog, taking steps to create a discussion and means for your customers to find you when looking for solutions is what will allow you to stand out against your competition. By following these 15 steps you will not only better position yourself for more successful search results, but you will position yourself to be a company that will go far and bring value to any customer lucky enough to find you in the search bar.