Why Tech Companies Are Moving to Las Vegas & claiming it’s the Next Silicon Valley


Every month another tech firm declares plans to construct their presence in Las Vegas to churn out the future of technology. Las Vegas, recognized mostly for gambling and tourism turns out to have an exclusive set of features like a low price of running your business, huge inducements, a capability to move rapidly, and plenty of clean energy possessions that make it striking to companies developing innovative energy technologies.

Las Vegas is said to currently have 10,000 job opening over the next 3 years for projects already started. It is   track to be the #1 location for conventions at 22,000 conventions just in 2017 and over 43 Million tourist. Furthermore, just over a year ago, Lawn Starter ranked Las Vegas as the #7 most affordable startup hub in America.

Zappos’s Put Las Vegas on the Tech Radar

Zappos chief executive Tony Hsieh had a visualization to create a business existence in Las Vegas which would be the most community-focused big city in the world. He capitalized nearby $350 Million of his capital (from Zappos’s sale to Amazon in 2009) into accomplishing the vision through an investment vehicle he named Downtown Project. It was September 9, 2013, when Zappos finally decided to relocate their headquarters from Henderson, Las Vegas to Las Vegas City Hall building in downtown Las Vegas, after an extensive $48 million struggle to create major developments to the structure so that it can be advanced enough to support Zappos operations. CEO Tony Hsieh, who also leads the Downtown Project, a determination to regenerate downtown Las Vegas as an energetic cultural and cost-effective hotspot, has said he wants “to be in a zone where everyone feels like they can hang out all the time and where there’s not a vast difference between working and playing.

Amazon’s second distribution hub!

Amazon took a strange step of declaring that it wants a second home outside Seattle, starting what is sure to be a fierce bidding war to lure Amazon and the thousands of high-paying jobs it will bring to town -using a blend of tax breakdowns and other sweeteners.

By the end of the day, cities including Chicago, Dallas, and San Diego, along with states like Michigan, were vocal about their interest, the first of many places projected to consider submitting suggestions. Amazon laid out in thorough detail what it is looking for, even recognizing that new laws may be mandatory to get the high level of encouragements essential to hold the company’s attention. Based on Baltimore Business Journal, the gigantic e-commerce retailer will construct a 1.15 million- square-foot fulfillment center in Cecil County, producing several hundred jobs over the next three years. It will be Amazon’s second warehouse to be situated in the state of Maryland. Its primary Baltimore presence, a 1-million-square-foot fulfillment center, is situated at the spot of a former GM plant on Broening Freeway. The facility unlocked last spring. The declaration is to be made this week.

In Michigan, Amazon will form a $90 million distribution warehouse in Livonia. The new fulfillment center, which will be positioned on the site of a closed General Motors chassis plant, is projected to open in October. The Michigan Strategic Fund just approved a $7.5-million funding for the company, which said in documents it could generate up to 1,500 jobs during its demanding seasons at the regional fulfillment center, news reports stated. Only a few months ago, Amazon stated that it would construct twin centers in Illinois, and another in Jacksonville, FL, where they opened a center just two years ago, and another in Las Vegas. Preceding summer Amazon believed that it would build an eighth fulfillment center in Texas. Amazon said that it will produce 100,000 jobs, commonly in fulfillment enters by 2018. That would boost Amazon’s employment total to more than 280,000 employees. The company is also demanding that the new location have a varied population and entertaining opportunities. In other words, it does not want to stray too far from the way of life of Seattle, the home of Starbucks and Nordstrom, crammed between mountains and water. The headquarters in Seattle has 24 cafes and restaurants.

How is Las Vegas known to be Safe for companies?

Since the beginning of the internet and data mining, tech companies have learned that Las Vegas may be the superlative site to defend the world’s most vital information. The top military and private contract researcher have assembled the data and picked Las Vegas.  In last 10 years, Las Vegas has built gigantic and progressive companies. Behind the gilts and charm of Las Vegas and the running of the most sophisticated and secure military and private operation centers in the world are the data companies. One such name is Switch that grips government and private data for Fortune 1000 companies.

Ebay’s founder Mansion in Las Vegas!

Pierre Omidyar is an Iranian-American businessman and founder/ chairman of eBay auction site. Omidyar is a renowned philanthropist who created Omidyar network in 2004. Conferring to Forbes magazine, as of March 2008, he is the 120th richest person in the world. Omidyar is presently constructing this 48,379 sq/ft, 33 bed, and 25 bath estate spread over 5 lots. It is situated at 1299 Via Tivoli in Henderson, NV. The compound features between 48,000 and 77,000 square feet of living space with 33 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms. This marks it one of the top 5 biggest housing compounds in the country. Pierre is worth an estimated $8.7 billion as of March this year and already prefers Las Vegas.

Its not just the tech giants that get to enjoy the benefits of buying and owning the Las Vegas lifestyle. Many employees at Zappos live in high rise condos with full views of the Freemont Experience and light show just blocks from their office. Others who are at a high pay scale are dead center on the world famous Las Vegas strip at innovative residences such as VEER Towers or the 5-Star Mandarin Oriental La Vegas condos for sale. This area which is called “City Center” Also boast the highest price per sq.ft..

Las Vegas is slowly become a center for industrial energy storage, hygienic energy and greener conveyance that could one day be as important as Silicon Valley is to Internet and software startups. Las Vegas’s main attraction to big companies is that it has one of the lowest costs of running a business in the West. Nevada has no income tax, and some of the lowest real estate and development taxes in America.

Las Vegas is said to currently have 10,000 job opening over the next 3 years for projects already started. It is on track to be the #1 location for conventions at 22,000 conventions just in 2017 and over 43 Million tourist.