Ten Tips for Entrepreneurs Seeking a Business Visa for the United States


With Donald Trump as president, who has within his banners the upturn in the U.S. economy, and with four months since the implementation of the new law on tax cuts, changing regulations, and the review and strengthening of their trade agreements, puts this country back on the radar as an important market to conquer.

The above, which within its main guidelines has the support and impulse to the internationalization of companies, together with the evolution and globalization of the profile of its businessmen and investors; has made the latter have clear within their objectives, global trade and in the sights as the main destination of their investment to the North American country.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity to enter and consolidate one of the largest commercial markets in the world, the types of business and investment that can be made must be clear, ranging from investment in franchises, investment in real estate, to the opening of new markets through consolidated companies.

Equally important, it is to have clear documentation and the types of visas that are aimed at entrepreneurs and investors, such as E1 and E2 and their particular characteristics, among which they stand out:

The E1 visa is aimed at companies and/or businessmen who are already exporting or have a previous commercial exchange link with the U.S.

– The E2 visa does not require companies and/or entrepreneurs to have a prior commercial exchange link with the U.S.

According to Liliana Jones, immigration lawyer, after having a clear intention of consolidating her project in the U.S. market, the investor, in addition to her entrepreneurial capacity, competitive products and services that stand out in this market; she should know that the U.S. Government to approve her E1/E2 and H1B visa requires compliance with some basic requirements and also takes into consideration other factors that in the aggregate will help to make the decision of approval or not of the business visa. In order to present your Visa project it is important to take into account certain recommendations or tips so that your Visa is more likely to be approved:

10 tips for entrepreneurs seeking E1 and E2 business visas for the U.S.

Have a clear awareness of what it means to be an entrepreneur, being able to be part of and contribute to the economy of the U.S. country, making a difference.

Have a verifiable profile of your experience as a consolidated entrepreneur or investor.

Structure and present an excellent business plan, with its projection that reflects the viability of the company to five years.

Have a B1/2 business or tourist visa that has allowed you to explore market options for your company.

Keep all the documentation that supports the commercial transactions carried out in order to create your company in the United States.

Work with and be advised by an immigration lawyer who has the knowledge and experience to successfully support the process.

Have in their history transactions that demonstrate that they have already invested money in order to have their future business in the U.S..

Have clarity of what licenses the business requires to process them before undertaking your investment.

Open an escrow/trust account in the U.S. to manage your investment, if you are an entrepreneur with a moderate risk profile.

Define the location, i.e. the state and city within the U.S. where you want to start the business.