The Legacy of Lerner & Weiss: Decades of Excellence as a Business Attorney in Los Angeles


Lerner & Weiss is a full-service business law firm with business attorneys in Los Angeles who are some of the leading law practitioners possessing extensive knowledge and long-standing experience in state and federal business law. 

The firm is known to aggressively protect the interests of its clients, helping them reach their goals by letting them focus on their business while the Lerner & Weiss legal team looks after their affairs. This team has distinguished itself from its competitors by adopting a market-leading collaborative approach with its clients. 

What is known today as Lerner & Weiss was founded by Leonard Lerner, who began practicing law in 1980. In November 1993 he was joined by Michael Weiss, who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge. Together, the two attorneys lead a highly successful team of business attorneys in Los Angeles. Lerner and Weiss have a collective 70 years of experience under their belt. 

Lerner founded this firm because he wanted to provide each of his clients with individual attention, something that he wouldn’t have been able to do working for a big law firm, where he would have been only a cog in the machinery. Working on a case-by-case basis, Lerner has built this enterprise from the ground up into the leading business law organization that we know today. 

Market-Leading Business Attorneys in Los Angeles

In the realm of business law, Lerner & Weiss offers extensive services. The firm’s legal team regularly guides clients through the entire lifecycle of a business, from formation to dissolution, business transactions, operations and documentation, taxes, and negotiations. What sets these business attorneys in Los Angeles apart is their acute understanding of the ins and outs of California’s laws and business landscape. When confronted with a dispute, they craft reliable legal strategies that are designed to ensure the best possible outcome for their client. 

The business attorneys at Lerner & Weiss understand that people are bound to run into disputes while conducting business and that no amount of carefully drafted provisions in a contract can prevent that from potentially happening. Thus, litigation is sometimes inevitable. 

As experienced commercial litigators, they represent their clients through all the phases of contentious litigation. They’ve successfully have worked on cases revolving around the prosecution of mechanics’ liens for contractors and material suppliers, auditable premium policies, managing receivables, subrogation, breach of contract, fiduciary duty, business dissolution, tax disputes, shareholder and partnership disputes, trade secrets, employer’s rights and commercial landlord rghts. 

Fraudulent Transactions

The business attorneys at Lerner & Weiss are experienced at defending their clients when their business is a victim of fraud or has been wrongfully accused of being a party to fraudulent activities.

Receivables Management

Business owners are often confronted with unrecoverable receivables. Not being able to collect receivables on time can result in economic difficulty. Lerner & Weiss offers its clients a commercial receivables management service using all legally available means to recover their client’s outstanding receivables.

In one case, the business attorneys at Lerner & Weiss acted on behalf of a client who was owed $180,000. Their client was struggling because they were unable to collect the owed monies despite the issuance of a demand letter. The legal team immediately filed a prejudgment writ of attachment, which brought the defaulting party to the negotiating table. They successfully negotiated a settlement that included a payment of the principal amount plus interest, attorney fees, and litigation costs. The total sum recovered was $220,000.

If you’re looking for experienced business law attorneys in Los Angeles, reaching out to Lerner & Weiss is highly recommended. The firm’s seasoned attorneys would be happy to provide you with advice on all your business law needs.