The rise of Social Recruitment


It’s the age of the internet. Our world as we know it, has been totally blown by the wave of Internet, irreversibly. In every aspect of lives, the internet and social media play an important part, and there’s no changing it. Period.

Let’s talk in numbers here to get a clearer idea of this situation – On an average, the normal person checks their phone about a hundred and fifty times throughout a day, has about five social media accounts, and spends somewhere between 2 to 3 hours using these accounts per day. Social media usage alone adds up to 28% of the total time an average internet user spends online.

Social media has not only changed users’ lives, but also the employees’s lives and the job market. And that’s not at all surprising given the fact that we live in a world that spends 28% of their time on internet on social media.

In a recent study, it was found that about 75% of youth found their last job on social media.

The perks of recruiting on social media

  1. Social media offers you the profit of having a humongously vast reach in a very inexpensive price.
  2. Social media plays a major role across almost all industries nowadays, which means no one is excluded and there’s always literally plenty of fish in the sea.
  3. When using social media, your potential candidates can easily know more about your company and lets them know if they connect to it on a personal level or not.
  4. Social media gives you the ability to recruit more clearly, and also to tailor your approach depending on the job type, level, etc
  5. When recruiting through social media, you get a better and direct approach. It facilitates a more transparent interaction between the recruiter and the candidates, so that they can interact with each other personally and freely engage on a one-to-one basis.
  6. Social media brings transparency on the table. The employer can know what a candidate is like in real life, apart from professional life. Also, the candidate can know what the employer’s public reputation is, through the sea of reviews and experiences of other employees and staff.
  7. With social media, you can be very certain to get the best quality of hire.

In a nutshell, It is a very versatile way for you to build the right contacts you need in the right places. It’s not just social media like facebook and Twitter, but also sites like, which are blooming with a sea of newer job opportunities for talented people. While the social media world is being used majorly for just socialising by people, it is also rapidly becoming a boon for modern job hunters as well as recruiters. Millions have already taken a step up the ladder of their careers via social media, and it’s high time that you start taking advantage of this amazing gift of the Internet, and get yourself the job that you think would suit you and your skill set the most.