There is an art and a science to writing press releases. It’s not about filling out a standard form; it is about communicating with the press and getting their attention. They can help you promote your news and your brand if the press release is crafted the right way. There are some simple guidelines to follow and we have outlined them here for you. These tips will help you break out of the mold of stuffy old press release traditions and enjoy PR successes.

  1. Write Naturally: Aim for a human and natural tone in your press release language. Don’t make your press release sound robotic or sterile. Instead, you should write it in a natural format more like the way you talk. Refrain from using buzzwords or industry jargon. Try to write as though you are relating a story to a friend and add some personality into it. Of course, a press release should never be overly casual; just don’t make it stuffy, dry, and boring. This will ensure that your press release is interesting and gains the interest and exposure you intended.
  2. Make Your Release a Quick and Easy Read: When your target audience is the press, keep in mind they are likely asked to read hundreds of things a day. Take that into consideration when writing your release. Make it short and to the point. Shorter sentences, shorter words, and shorter paragraphs all make for easier reading. Since reporters are busy, they don’t have time to read long winded or confusing press releases. Make sure that your release is not confusing but is easily scannable.
  3. Skip the Jargon: The press you are targeting likely doesn’t know your industry jargon. They don’t have time to look it up and will just move on. If jargon is necessary because it is part of your product or service then only use it as sparingly as possible. Simply define it and don’t use any more than necessary.
  4. Take Your Time Writing a Press Release: Press releases are an important part of your marketing strategy and should be planned out well in advance. This gives you the opportunity to refine a press release and take the time to ensure that it is perfect. You never want to send any important writing content to print the same day you write it without proper editing. Have a second set of eyes look at it, read it out loud, and sleep on it to look it over with a fresh perspective. You will almost always make edits and even find some glaring mistakes when you take a fresh look at your writing. By the same token, do not overdo it and end up spending too much time on something and overthinking it.

These tips make it so that your press releases will be more effective moving forward. When your releases are written in a natural tone, are easy to read, free of industry jargon, and well written, you will see success in reaching your goals. The tips for breaking the mold of old press release formats can help you with your other content writing efforts as well.