Tips to double your blog traffic


How to increase Traffic for blog

Blogging is increasing these days. Many people are trying to become pro bloggers. People are starting blogs these days either for personal or professional or business purposes. Blogging can earn a decent amount of money if one knows how to divert traffic to their site. Once there is enough traffic to your site you will start earning money very fast through the adds posted on your blog. You also earn a percentage of the revenue from the adds posted by Google on your blog each time a viewer clicks on the adds. However, all this is only possible if there are viewers visiting your site regularly. It is not hard to divert traffic to your site, all you need is just some tips on how to do so. Here are 4 tips that contribute to the blog’s success.


Focus on your target

If you are worried that though you are providing fresh content everyday to your blog you are unsuccessful in attracting to your traffic, then calm you nerves a bit. Blogging is not always about making money. If you get to obsesses with making money from your blog then there will be chances that the quality of the content will go down. Just earning money should not be your ultimate aim. Your first priority should be to make the blog a successful platform which can become a reliable source for many people who visit your blog for some information and might also leave some useful info when they visit their blog. Once your blog becomes popular and successful, traffic will automatically flow in and so will the money.

Make contribution easier

If you are allowing guest blogging then make it easy for people to contribute the content. Some bloggers will gather a list for keyword phrases and form articles with them, while the others just blog with a certain title post. If you have not received any articles from guest blogs then just contact them directly and figure out what they need. Sometimes it could be a specific title or more keywords. Know their specifications and when you provide them they will start writing articles for you and you can heave a sigh of relief. Do not force them to post articles everyday or set a target, this will only be like putting a heavy burden on their shoulders and they get stressed and the result will be ultimately reduced quality of the articles in the blog. So if you create an atmosphere of flexibility and inclusiveness, you will get better results.

Appoint a Content Officer

When you have a content officer who maintains all the blog drafts it will help your blog a lot. These content officers can be natural writers who can just turn a rough article draft into awell summarized article, outline it or make a list of bullet points that sound more meaningful. The content officers can search the popular keywords or phrases and form a well edited post by including some personality and humor along the length of the article. When a blog has a content officer, guest bloggers can contribute just little and turn the article into a post which brings them recognition.

Make article contribution fun and rewarding

One way to make your traffic increase and let your contributors contribute more, as the blog owner you will have to celebrate and reward the contributions of the guest bloggers. It motivates them and creates an environment where they will like to contribute more and not just because they have to contribute. This way the quality of the content also increases. Reward your contributors every 15 days or so whichever is convenient to you. Also thank the blogger on the site. This will rejuvenate the writer and therefore more contributions will flow in.

Maintain Discipline

You have to be professional in your monetizing policies and not keep changing them too often. It is better if you stick to the policies you have made earlier and be disciplined with the policies. By increasing the workload you will not receive an increase in the traffic. It is wise to know that an increase in traffic diversion to your blog is not possible with increase in the quantity of the work but the quality of the work is what that matters. Provide quality articles in your blog that are meaningful and also useful for your blog readers. When you provide quality articles which are informative for your target audience and bring discipline to your blog, it will bring you all the success in the world as a blogger.

Follow these simple but useful tips if you are looking for doubling the traffic that is diverted to your site. Once you follow and implement them in your blog, you will become a successful blogger, your blog will gain good attention also money will start flowing in.