Top 10 Branding Tips for your small business


Starting a business is not all about looking for people to patronize you if you want your business to stand out and be successful in your industry. For the company to be generally accepted in public and have a good stand, there is no doubt you have to brand it. Branding starts with you having an idea of what you want to do; it can take years of planning and recalculating before a business gets to the public. A strong brand tells more about what your company is capable of giving to the people at the same time establishes not only trust but credibility. For this reason, you need to ask yourself if you are taking the right steps to brand your company name unforgettably. For your business to last forever and remain profitable for decades to come, you will need to develop a branding process. Here are top 10 Branding Tips for your small business.

CORPORATE IDENTITY: the first step to take is to have an excellent corporate identity, the reason why corporate identity should be your priority is that corporate identity helps people always think about your brand. Corporate identity includes the use of business cards, envelopes, letterhead, brochures and presentation folders. The beauty behind corporate identity is that every piece of correspondence you issue to customers carries your company name and reinforces your message.

LOGO: you also need a logo, a logo is just like a brand name, it tells more about your business upon sight. As you are not a graphics designer, you need to hire someone in the graphics niche to help you come up with one. A graphics designer would need a little explanation from you to know the kind of logo they could design for you; a simple logo is unique.

BUILD AN ATTRACTIVE WEBSITE: no matter how small your business is, you must have a site. People have now realized that a business without a website is of a low standard. Just as a business card, a website describes your level of professionalism and the credibility of your company. Most people go online to check the competence of a business to know how trustworthy they are before transacting with them. While you get a website, you need the followings. An about us page, a business name, contact information, phone number, hours of operation, privacy policy, terms of service e.t.c.

STICKERS: sticker is also a unique way to brand a business, perhaps most creative. A custom made label can be fixed to anything such as a car, notebooks, floors, walls e.t.c with your name or business name on it. Most new companies that are looking to create awareness for their business visit event centre like an amusement park so they could introduce their business to people so they could know the business exists more importantly putting their names on the label or plastic sign holder for recognition.

PRESS RELEASE: press release is also a powerful branding tool; always written on the letterhead paper of a company. If your business releases news about a service or product, you will have the potential to reach more customers that coincidentally comes across your letterhead.

BUSINESS CLOTHING: getting a customized cloth for your business can get mouths wagging everywhere you go. In this wise, this step makes you your billboard. Upon wearing this cloth person will want to ask you about your business, if you can defend yourself, you will automatically turn that approach to sales.

BROCHURE:  branding your business with a brochure can come in any form; it does not necessarily have to be in the form of a booklet, but in virtue like in PDF   format or place on the internet, it can as well be in the form of a handbill.  It’s essential to have a brochure because it helps you cover a variety of general needs, which no other marketing document can handle.

E-MAIL SIGNATURE: tag every email that you receive in your inbox as a marketing message. Set up a catchy email and include a signature like your business name, contact information, pithy tagline, a web address, all with detailed knowledge of how you plan to better their lives with your services.

SOCIAL MEDIA: since the advent of social media it has proved to be a better platform for branding and business marketing. Consumers rely on digital searches to find businesses, by attributing a robust social media presence; it helps your business to increase its Search Engine Optimization and likelihood of being seen by its target audience. Social media presence requires that you post articles and contents engaging your clients online about your business every day. You will be able to understand areas where your customer needs you to improve in your business, and this is very important for a company.

INCORPORATE YOUR BRAND: your everyday activities must have your brand and personality intertwined. If you need to make your brand popular, you need to wear your brand cloth every day most especially to work. It’s another form of branding and advertisement that people would love to see. Anytime you go out on a marketing event, let your brand be consistent. However, if you think writing contents for your blog is the best, weave your personality and brand your words all through. Always ensure your brand makes up an integral part of your business.

As a young/new entrepreneur, it is essential for you to have self-discipline about what you want to do before starting at all. You might have to go through a lot of challenges while starting a business. All the challenges you face and each time you try to solve a problem is what makes you a great entrepreneur. However, if you find yourself to be a starter and have financial challenges try as much as possible to get a custom stickers for your business. It’s an excellent way for a small business to grow as quick as possible.