Top Seven Reasons Why You Should Consider Deactivating Your Instagram Account


Many of us scroll through social media first thing in the morning as soon as we get up. Honestly speaking, this is not a healthy habit. Who got a new dog? Who is honeymooning in Dubai? We feel the need to catch up with every little update!  Instagram, again one of the most popular social networking apps, sees more than 500 million active users every day. Total users are over 1 billion. That is a pretty good number, and we have all the reasons to convince you that you should deactivate your account and we know how to deactivate Instagram accounts.

  1. According to statistics, Instagram eats up more than 28 minutes of your day! 42% of people check their Instagram multiple times in a day. So that’s a good portion of your time wasted! It is addictive. The research also revealed that one in five people check social media messages during the night! So the sleep of the youth has also been affected.
  2. There is no privacy. People post what they are eating, where they are going, etc. Everything is being Instagrammed! We have forgotten the pleasure of enjoying in private. Moreover, if you switch to a business account, your contact information is accessible to over a billion people!
  3. Instagram is not in real life. People flood their feeds with pretentious posts, showing how they are happy and how their lives are perfect. There is this constant race to make people believe that you are doing better than them. As a result, mental problems like the fear of missing out (FOMO), anxiety, depression, etc. have been reported. The age group of 18-29 have been the most affected.
  4. The world of so many people has started revolving around likes and followers. They seek validations! That again has mental consequences.
  5. People use several filters and Photoshop techniques to show how their skins and bodies are perfect, which negatively influences young minds!
  6. A number of image thefts take place, and spam accounts are created.
  7. Several cyberbullying cases have been reported on Instagram, especially for teens. Posting hateful content, vulgar comments on pictures, posting screenshots of private chats, etc. have made things worse for so many youngsters.

In case we have been successful in persuading you to delete your account, here’s how to deactivate Instagram:

  • Log in to your Instagram account through your mobile or computer.
  • Go to your profile and choose the Edit profile option.
  • Select the ‘Temporarily Disable my account’ option.
  • Select your reason and re-enter your password. That completes the deactivation process.

Since this is a temporary disabling of the account, you can always reactivate your account if you want to.

Your mental health and your privacy are supposed to be valued by you. If these two are being hampered, you should just take a break from everything that feels toxic. So if Instagram is one such reason, it is okay to deactivate your account. Try and see how peaceful it feels! Take care!