If people are watching to cut the cord, there’s more natural way to work on than the Amazon fire stick and the Amazon FireTV. Whether it may be seeing the live TV and want to add premium channels like ESPN or HBO, or streaming with sling TV,  or it may be to streaming on Netflix or Hulu, Amazon fire stick makes it handy.

Amazon Fire TV brand launched its Fire TV in 2014. It is a list of digital media players which allows to stream video content to the television through the internet connection.

Amazon, which is seen as an e-commerce site has much bigger aims for India. At first, it has brought Amazon prime and recently, it has initiated Amazon FireTV Stick, a streaming tool with voice remote.

Amazon Prime is a membership program which gives particular advantages to their customers. Customers can watch thousands of TV shows, movies, and all other things which are mentioned in prime list relating to Amazon Instant Video.

The sole difference is Firestick is a separate tool which turns old nonsmart TV or LED TV into a smart TV.

Having said that, Amazon Firestick has transformed TV viewing rapidly from the time it has launched. It extends its multimedia content by Amazon prime video, Netflix, Hotstar etc. But it is charged. Still, As they say, for every issue there is a solution. There is a way for this, one can unlock the content for free. This would be done through Jailbreak FireStick, which is not illegal.

Overall, the Amazon FireTV stick is a novel device entering the lines of home television streaming technologies. The Fire Stick connects to the TV’s HDMI port giving access to the favorite movies, TV shows, subscription services, photos, games, and music. The Fire TV Stick telecasts all the favorite content which is readily transportable, and this media can be taken anywhere.

Specifications to install Fire TV Stick

Compatible TV: Fire TV Stick devices are much more compatible with ultra high-definition and high-definition TVs which includes HDMI input port.

Internet Connection: Connect the device to Wi-Fi and complete setup and access all the content which is available on the Amazon Fire Stick.

Amazon Account: Register the device with Amazon account to make sure to access the content and all the recent features, functionality, and software, which controls Amazon Fire TV. If there is no Amazon account, one can create during the setup process.

Steps to set up a Fire TV Stick

  1. Connect the USB power cord to Micro-USB port on the Fire TV Stick, to another end of the power adapter. Later, connect the power adapter to the power outlet.

Note: Always use the power adapter which is included, while setting up the device.

Don’t connect Fire Stick through an unpowered HDMI or switch, which will change the device’s appearance.

  1. Plug the Fire Tv Stick to a convenient HDMI port on the TV.  Always use the adapter or HDMI extender to make sure Fire TV Stick is secured with the TV. Select the similar input channel on the TV for the later step. Select the HDMI input channel while turning on the TV and connect the Fire TV Stick. A loading screen with the Fire TV Stick logo appears.
  1. To Set up of the remote, insert the batteries into the remote. Always, insert two AAA batteries.
  2. After inserting the batteries, pair the remote with Fire TV Stick. If it doesn’t get paired automatically, press and hold the home button for 10 seconds. It will display the “discovery mode”. Complete the pairing process over here in this discovery mode.
  3. Follow the on-screen directions to connect the internet to the Fire TV Stick, through a Wi-Fi connection. Always save the password to Amazon. There will be options while setting for the first time. This option enables to upload the Wi-Fi password with Amazon securely.
  4. Follow the instructions displayed on-screen to register Amazon account to the Fire TV Stick.  For detailed information, go to deregister or Register the Amazon Fire TV.
  5. After completing all the process and set up, an immediate “Welcome” video will be displayed along with some tips and use of Fire Stick.

However, The Fire Stick is a repository for all the content. Once logged on, users will have access to any videos or music which is purchased through Amazon account. Besides, They can View any images uploaded on to the Amazon Cloud service.

Features of Fire TV stick

Although it is quite easy and neat to use, Fire Stick TV cannot be suitable for everyone. As it doesn’t mirror the PC or tablet or phone on the TV like a Chromecast. But it has some other novel features.

  1. Amazon tells that Fire Stick offers different TV episodes, news, games, music, and 1000s of movies. The selection can differ from Bollywood recent movies to all-time blockbusters. It can be plugged into YouTube, Hotstar, Gaana, and Prime.
  2. It is convenient to use. Generally, Fire TV Stick has a pre-registration, due to which it can be hassle-free of registering the device first and then use it. Only thing is the users need to have a Prime subscription, which is needed to connect it to a TV amidst the Wi-Fi.
  3. Fire Stick has the feature of parental control settings. Users can set a PIN to restrict the access with their children. All the TV shows and movies in the Amazon Prime comes with maturity rankings by age group.
  4. Users can track their data usage through Fire TV Stick. Users by monitoring the data feature on FireTV can choose their viewing quality to manage data use. Users can also configure Fire TV Stick to warn them before data passes the predetermined limit.
  5. There is the most novel feature in Fire TV Stick which is searching the remote through Voice search. The remote reacts instantly and permits the users quickly finds for Amazon Videos by their voice.

6.The Fire Stick offers its users the speed up to 1 GB RAM. While the cost of the Fire Stick TV is the much affordable option. The First Stick costs around $39.99.


By using this device, users can have access to thousands of games and apps. For example, They can use the Fire TV Stick to watch the latest trending Videos on Netflix or browse and open the recent uploads to the favorite Vlogger. Other services like Hulu, ESPN, HBO now, can be accessed by using Fire TV Stick at a cost. Nevertheless, even with the free account, users can get the benefits of choosing the preferred services rather than connecting to a cable Kit.