What is a plugin and should you consider it in your social media marketing?


If you are into social media or are looking to expand the audience you are reaching through your social media posts, you have probably heard of plugins. They are a great advantage, especially if you are looking to start a blog or expand one, as they allow you to do things you would normally not do, such as writing codes.

The best social media plugin tools will give you the chance to perform numerous tasks, ranging from SEO (search engine optimization), integrating with other social media accounts you have, and performing e-commerce activities, and so on.  With them, there is no limit to what you can achieve, as they will cover all the needs that your basic social media account will not give you.

Important facts about plugins

Many of these facts will apply to plugins used on the WordPress platform, although they can also apply to other social media platforms as well, including ones that can boost your automatic Instagram likes for more exposure, for instance.

Less is more sometimes

The best thing about plugins is that they allow you to do much more than the normal social media account can do, no matter how equipped it may be. However, it is very important to maintain a balance,as too much of a good thing is a bad option for you – it applies in l8ife, and also applies here.

In fact, the more plugins you have on your account, the more problems you risk encountering on your account. These issues can be unexpected and random, or they can affect the updates and other plugins as well. They can even end up interfering with the themes you select, and you will not be able to properly utilize your account.

It is important to keep in mind that every plugin will slow down your site, at least to some extent. If you are ever wondering whether you have too many plugins installed, then chances are high they are too many and you need to get rid of some of them.

 Make sure to update your plugins regularly


Updates are not only essential for mobile and desktop apps, but they are also good for plugins and maintaining their functionality. The developers release updates so that they can fix bus and increase security, add new functions and abilities, and keep up with the changes on the social media platform itself.

If you are ignoring the messages that alert you to update the plugins whenever updates are released, then you are increasing the chances of going through security breaches and possible frustrations that occur such as slowing down of servers.

If you are managing multiple sites on social media, then keeping up with all the changes can be quite tiring – but the good news is there are Sync services that you can use to keep track, of all the changes that are happening. They can also allow you to do other admin functions on one dashboard, especially if you have multiple accounts on WordPress.

Delete plugins that you are not using

One major mistake many people make is keeping plugins they do not use. You do not need to do this, as they will only slow you down. Because there is a viable option of deleting a plugin, make sure you remove the ones you do not need – they can actually pose major threats to your online safety, something that many people do not know. If you change your mind afterwards, you can re-install the tool.

 All the plugins you use must have specific purposes


Even though many plugins are really cool and they look nice, the truth remains that they can slow down your social media platforms and accounts. They can also pose a security threat if they are lying around unused – so make sure all the plugins you have fulfill their purposes well.

The main job of a plugin is to enhance the experience of your visitor when they go to your site, and not just to make the site look pretty in your eyes. The way you use them will ultimately affect the whole design of your platform, therefore, they will affect your brand and its perception among your visitors.

Stay away from overlapping plugins

If you have one plugin that is already doing its job well, why do you need another one, really? They will only take yup your valuable bandwidth and space, and they can pose security risks since you are not using them anyway.

In addition, it will become tiring trying to keep up with their updates, so spare yourself the exhaustion and just use one plugin for every function you want to add on your site.

  Make sure to install your plugins from reputable sources


Just like mobile apps, you should ideally not get them from anywhere, as it compromises on your security. Make sure that all the plugins you use are from reputable sites, such as using the WordPress plugin store if you are operating a WordPress account.

In addition, remember that plugins are capable of creating gaps in your site security levels, so make sure they are highly rated by established developers, who can provide proof that they are professionals in their field. If the plugin is from a reputable source, they will give regular updates to address any security issues or problems in the plugin, as well as keeping track of updates on the main site itself.

 If you are unsure, make sure to ask


The good thing about most plugins is that you will find a wealth of information about various issues, including optimizing your site and maximizing on the benefits of plugins. If you are not sure on whether a plugin is the right choice for you, you can always ask and get the necessary knowledge.

Final thoughts

The benefits of plugins are numerous, as long as you use them correctly. It is therefore important to know the facts behind these tools, and they will help you make the best choices about using them.