What Is Your Working Alone Safety Monitoring Solution


Lone workers are a primary concern for many business leaders, especially in industries where there is a greater risk of an incident or accident, like in a healthcare setting. It’s vital to incorporate a monitoring system that will allow working alone safety, one preferably where live agents are available 24/7 for the staff member to reach out or the agent can check up when there appears to be a problem.

This gives employers a degree of comfort and relieves some anxiety when team members are on their own.

The priority with a lone worker solution is that it protects the people who work either remotely or alone by monitoring their well-being with consistent check-ins. An adequate system should alert the team when there is an emergency, or the employee needs assistance.

When the staff member is aware that they are being safely monitored, they are more productive, have better peace of mind, and engage in due diligence with company safety guidelines and mandated local regulations. How do some businesses work to protect lone workers? Let us learn.

Do You Have an Effective Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

The modern work environment is unique from what was once considered “standard.” More staff find themselves in the field, isolated in a remote location, working unconventional hours, or traveling.

Each organization has a particular “duty of care” with their teams under the guise of the 2007 Corporate Manslaughter Act, the 1999 Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, and the 1974 Health and Safety at Work Act.

This makes supporting and monitoring loan workers a mandate for companies with employees working on their own for extended periods. These solutions can prove complex and costly to maintain. Go to https://www.hse.gov.uk/lone-working/employer/training-supervision-monitoring.htm for guidance on lone workers’ protective solutions.

But there are cost-effective and straightforward methods for protecting staff with live agents on call 24/7, accessible to dedicated employees who put themselves at risk each day, a sort of lifeline for lone workers.

Why Is a Safety Solution Needed for Lone Workers

Without a system in place, lone workers are at risk for incidents or accidents with no recourse to reach out for assistance. This puts them in a challenging, possibly dangerous situation.

A business leader has a certain level of responsibility to ensure the safety of the staff. Part of that responsibility means ensuring a support or monitoring system is in place for optimum peace of mind. Why is this necessary?

●        The overall employee safety

While the staff is on business hours, the business leader is responsible for them whether these employees are working alongside the leader in the employer’s building, out in the field, or working remotely from home.

With a 24/7 live agent monitoring system, the company can attest to the team’s safety and well-being regardless of where that staff member performs their tasks.

The staff members can work productively with peace of mind that there is a lifeline, so to speak, paying attention to what is happening around them, ready to offer support efficiently and fast if it becomes necessary. It provides a level of confidence that staff would not otherwise have.

The staff is also more aware of the company’s safety rules and the local regulations, ensuring to follow these closely to avoid the potential for an accident, injury, or another sort of incident.

●        The staff garners a greater sense of satisfaction.

When an employer enlists the services of live agents to monitor lone workers 24/7, staff will recognize a sense of appreciation from their employer and concern for their well-being.

The employee finds the monitoring center a reciprocal response to the dedication and effort they put in with their productivity and loyalty to the company.

The live monitoring services are encouraging for the staff and create greater satisfaction with their employment. It also leads to the company gaining a more positive reputation as an employer. Click here for facts on working alone.

●        It is a matter of compliance.

As an employer, you are legally required to do all you can to protect employees working alone. It does not come down to whether you will add protection for your lone workers but instead what sort of protection you will incorporate for this staff.

As members of your team responsible for the company’s growth and success, the staff should be treated with optimum protection. With the team in the hands of live agents, you can remain wholly compliant and know that your valuable employees are safe.

What Are Some Protections Services Offer with Monitoring Services

With some proactive phone monitoring systems, the agents will remain in regular communication with lone or remote staff. The operators consistently reach out to the employee during the shift to offer any kind of support that might be needed and ensure their well-being.

In another system, the employee contacts the agency on a regular schedule to report their safety and well-being or any possible incidents. This is sometimes necessary if the staff member will not be available to take the operator’s calls routinely.

The agency works closely with the business leader to establish a proactive system that works for the optimum safety of the employees and gives the company peace of mind.

When something is out of sorts or inconsistent with what has become customary, the agents report to the manager on call and alert emergency services if it becomes necessary.

Final Thought

Employees working alone or remotely, out in the field, or traveling, are becoming more prevalent in a new employment structure. That means business leaders need to find solutions to monitor their staff as diligently as if they were working alongside them each day in the same building.

According to the law, it still falls to the employer to ensure employees’ well-being during business hours, regardless of the location.

While there are many different safety solutions to monitor and support lone workers, 24/7 live agents offer the greatest peace of mind and provide a sense of confidence to the employee more so than most other options.