What IT Support Services Should You Consider Outsourcing


It’s 2020 and people still seem not to be getting the complexity of information technology services. What’s even more surprising, some business owners don’t even bother to get their facts straight and actually learn what IT is all about. That leads to them thinking that it can all be done in-house and that the staff they have hired for other job positions are perfectly capable to play the role of an IT technician which brings about a lot of problems with their networks and technology in general.

Before you delegate the information technology tasks to Mary from help desk or George from finances, you should check if Mary and George have these skills to begin with: https://www.infoworld.com/article/2652081/the-30-skills-every-it-person-should-have.html

One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail in the modern world is precisely because they don’t know how to handle the IT department. There are a lot of people that still don’t even know what falls under the category of these services, which only makes their job more difficult. Ignorance is exactly what makes entrepreneurs believe that they can do it all on their own without having to spend more money on these highly important services. Add pride to the mix and you’ll have a lot of issues and a lot of losses to report once you have balanced your books.

It really is a shame to see companies struggling to grasp the whole idea of information technology services and solutions. Not knowing things and not being well versed in this topic is nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s claiming that you know it all and that you don’t need to outsource at least some of these tasks that causes your business to get in great trouble. As I have already mentioned, pride and ignorance are the worst combination here, so I suggest you keep those in check.

Outsourcing certain parts of your business tasks is never an easy decision. While I do understand that you aren’t crazy about the idea of hiring someone outside your company to take care of specific issues that your business depends on, I need you to understand that this is exactly how things are done today. If you need your firm’s air conditioning system installed and maintained, you probably won’t do it yourself and you’ll contact professional technicians instead. Why is it so difficult to do the same when the IT industry is in question?

You Have An IT Guy?

Oh, is it because you have already hired an IT guy to take care of these things for you? That’s one of the better decisions that you have made, but it is probably still not enough to take care of all your computer and networking needs. Chances are that the person you hired is an expert in certain fields, but lacks knowledge in others. The information technology industry is a wide field and a complex term and, as you can see here, it involves much more tasks and services than you might have thought.

This is exactly why the one person you have hired won’t be able to handle everything. After all, it is also physically impossible for all the computer and networking needs to be successfully taken care of by one or two people. If you want to get the best out of technology in 2020, you should consider outsourcing at least some parts of the IT support services that your company needs.

Technology is constantly developing and at an enormous pace. If you don’t do everything you can in order to stay up to speed with the new developments and advances, you will definitely get left behind. The next thing you know, your competitors are gaining advantage over you and they are shunning you out of business and taking the market over. Yes, believe it or not, information technology solutions are that important.

We have made it clear that your one and only IT guy won’t be able to handle everything, no matter how hard they try. You need a team of professionals on your side if you want to get perfect results and if you don’t want to worry about your information technology solutions getting outdated and ineffective. When you think about it closely, outsourcing may very well save you some money and some time as well, because you won’t need your in-house staff to work long hours in an effort to find a solution for an issue that probably wouldn’t have even arisen if things were done the right way from the beginning.

Which Services Should You Outsource?

If you are thinking about outsourcing, but you aren’t exactly sure that you want to outsource every single part of this department, then you are probably wondering which parts are the most important ones that you should delegate to a team of professionals outside your company. When you start thinking like this, it’s an indication that you are beginning to understand just how intricate and complex the information technology industry is. That’s a good thing, because it means that you are on the right path towards doing what’s best for your business.

It’s perfectly normal for you not to be sure about which parts you should outsource. This is a rather important decision and it requires some research and a lot of thinking on your part. Since I understand how confusing this whole industry can be and I know that all the tips you find online simply make you even more confused about your decision, I have decided to give you a few really useful tips to help you figure out which IT support services you should start outsourcing.

Sure, nobody is stopping you from outsourcing everything, but if you want to take it step by step, you need to know which parts require the undivided attention of a team of professionals. You need to know which parts cannot be successfully done by your IT guy no matter how much of a computer wizard that person might be. That’s exactly what I am here to tell you and while it all depends on the skills and the expertise of the staff you have already hired to handle these solutions, below you’ll find some of the most significant parts and services that you should definitely outsource. Get ready and read on.

Server Monitoring

The principle behind server monitoring might be simple and straightforward, but the actual practice is a bit more complicated. This one particular IT support service requires the attention of a team of experts to be done efficiently and successfully. I suppose I don’t need to explain that the day to day operations of your whole business depend on the efficiency and the health of your servers. Those need frequent check-ups and updates in order to function properly.

Server downtime has a negative impact on your whole company. It can lower your revenue, decrease productivity and even lead to your customers losing their trust in you. This is an issue that can arise at any point of time and it takes a keen eye and the skills of an expert to make sure that it doesn’t happen at all, as well as to fix the issue as quickly as possible if it does arise.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber security includes everything necessary to protect our online data, personal and sensitive information, intellectual property and many, many other things. It’s almost impossible to find one person capable of monitoring everything and protecting you from theft, damage or any kind of attacks that might ensue. As the number of cyberattacks is increasing, you definitely need to think about protecting yourself the best way you can.

Read this to understand the importance of cyber security: http://www.bbc.com/storyworks/chubb-future-proof/the-importance-of-cybersecurity-in-business

I suppose I can safely assume that you don’t want your company to be the victim of any such attacks. That’s why outsourcing this part of your IT support is your best option. You will get a team of dedicated experts who know the ins and outs of this world and they will be able to make sure that all your data is successfully and undeniably protected on the World Wide Web.

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Data Storage

Just like you want your data to be protected, you want them to be neatly organized and stored. You never know when you might find yourself in need of certain information that might have even felt completely unimportant at the time of receiving them. If your data are scattered all over the place and you cannot find your way around all the storage systems, it’s time to start outsourcing this part of your business. The inability to find a certain file won’t only cause stress and frustration, but it will also slow down all your systems.

When you find a team of experts to work on the proper storing of all your files and documents, you won’t have to experience that stress of not being able to file something. Losing files will become a distant thing of the past and accessing your important data will be as easy as it gets. That way, you will have everything you need right there at your fingertips at all times.