What Virtual Jobs Are Most Popular in 2022?


The work-from-home movement has seen unprecedented growth since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although lockdowns have led to more people working remotely, the number of employees working exclusively online  has exploded in the last decade.

Anyone looking to transition into a virtual career has never had more opportunities at their disposal. Let’s look at the most popular virtual jobs in 2022.


Accountants help organizations plan for the future and achieve their financial goals. A good accountant needs an analytical mind, the utmost integrity, and industry-specific experience. With the ever-changing web of financial and business regulations nationwide, accountants need to sharpen their knowledge base constantly.

These days, many accountants also share and carry out the duties of a bookkeeper. Many professional accountancy firms provide a full-service approach to business finance.


Online tutors have existed for decades. Parents determined to help their kids get ahead have long paid for private tutors, but tutors can also come in other forms.

For example, English tutors may teach foreign business owners the language. Alternatively, business coaches may provide instruction on managing parts of an organization. Additionally, tutors may provide one-on-one instruction or as part of a group.

In the fall of 2019, approximately 3.45 million college students were enrolled in distance-learning courses.


Consultants are in the business of solving problems. They collaborate with organizations to resolve existing issues, find areas of improvement, and provide extra staffing to finish projects.

High-demand consultants are valued for their experience. They typically have many years under their belt in the industry they work in and deliver specialist skills.

You can find a consultant in practically any industry – whether business, healthcare, or education. Depending on your level of expertise, you could make a six-figure salary by taking on work as an online consultant.


Content is still king in the online world. From blogs to landing pages, businesses always require the written word.

Writing is one of the oldest virtual careers and continues to go from strength to strength, even in the face of video.

Aspiring online writers can find remote jobs working for newspapers, magazines, blogs, and SEO agencies. Today, there are 131,000 Americans who work as freelance writers. This number is only expected to grow as time ensues.


Working as a freelance translator involves spending your days converting written text from one language to another. They operate not just as freelancers, but also as consultants.

You’ll find translators working in both the public and private sectors. Most translators work remotely and often provide their services to companies and government agencies worldwide.

Your earning potential largely depends on which languages you’re proficient in. The less common the language, the higher the earning potential. If you speak more than two languages, you’ll dramatically increase your options.

Graphic Designer

Visual aids are essential in branding. Ranging from the classic realm of artistic media to brand-new computer applications, first impressions matter.

Graphic designers specialize in producing logos, advertisements, fonts, and design elements to improve the user experience. They work closely with clients to create, tweak, and polish their designs.

To succeed as a graphic designer, you need to have a creative mind and a desire to work closely with individuals and teams. The most successful designers specialize in one or two areas based on their design style preferences.

If aesthetics is your passion, graphic design could be the virtual career for you.

Virtual Assistant

A career as a virtual assistant is ideal if you want to jump into the world of remote work. You don’t need any special qualifications, and you can learn as you work. Becoming a virtual assistant is also ideal if you don’t have a college degree. Experience counts the most in this niche.

These self-employed workers provide services like:

  • Appointment scheduling;
  • Making phone calls;
  • Arranging travel;
  • Managing email accounts;
  • Managing social media accounts.

Pay for virtual assistants ranges wildly based on who you happen to be working for. If you’re well organized, diligent, and efficient in what you do, start looking for virtual assistant jobs and begin your next career move.

Digital Marketing

Online businesses don’t just have to compete locally.  They can also target at an international level. Marketing is the way a brand gets ahead of the competition.

Successful digital marketers are in extremely high demand. They work with email, social media, and web content to help businesses grow – both organically and paid. Digital marketers are known to specialize, but they often manage the entire online presence of a client.

The fact digital marketers take charge of their clients’ online profiles means this is a role suited to working remotely.

Different digital marketers will market their services to different-sized businesses across multiple industries. It’s not uncommon for a digital marketer to have prior experience within a niche before starting an online career.

Operations Manager

Those with extensive managerial experience may want to consider a career as an operations manager. Although the role of an operations manager is not traditionally affiliated with the online world, an increasing number of companies hire remote-based operations managers.

These professionals oversee essential business functions and departments from afar, such as quality control, human resources, and corporate recruitment. The main benefit of a remote operations manager is to provide some separation between the manager and the day-to-day tribulations of a business.

By obtaining a grand overview of a company’s structure, they’re better placed to provide objective recommendations.

Prime candidates for these roles are results-driven and display excellent time management skills.


Transitioning into a remote career is not just a matter of investing in a computer and a solid Internet connection. On the contrary, it takes a particular type of person to achieve success within the online arena.

If you’re a self-motivated professional who doesn’t require someone looking over your shoulder all day, you will thrive in your chosen career as a remote worker.

The world of work is changing. Now has never been a better time to take the plunge and consider a virtual career.